Eating Asia: A Foodie’s Journey Across a Continent


Asia. Delicious, flavourful Asia. I had always known that Asian food was a soft spot for me. The worldly eats recipes I have shared can attest to this. It wasn’t until my recent tour through the continent did I realized how deep this love goes. In almost every country I visited I took a food tour, cooking class, or some other eating Asia activity.

I think I have a problem.

Suddenly, arriving in Chiang Mai pushing my all-time highest weight started to make sense. Nevertheless, looking back at my eating Asia adventure does make those added pounds worth it…and delicious.

With that in mind here’s a recap of my time eating my way across a continent. Dig in!

    Eating Asia on the Cheap

    Before I break this eating Asia post down by country have a look at why 7-Eleven is my favourite restaurant in Asia: a far stretch from its north American cousin!


    Must Try Dishes: Ramen, sushi, okonomiyaki, and 7-Eleven snacks

    Ramen Time

    Japanese food is probably one of my favourite cuisines. I have always enjoyed sushi but it was never good enough to place Japan on top on its own. On my recent visit to Japan I fell in love with ramen noodles. I sampled several varieties from vending machines in Shibuya to high-end buttery broths in Osaka – All delicious. Then I got to make my own noodles thanks to a Japanese street food cooking class. Also I got to make an instant version while visiting the Ramen Museum in Ikeda.

    Eating Asia
    Eating Asia
    Eating Asia

    Osaka Kobe

    Then there was eating Kobe beef (sort of) which was the catalyst in placing Japan on top of my eating Asia list.

    Eating Kobe Beef in Osaka…sort of 6
    Eating Asia

    And the sushi?

    Of course, there was plenty of that. From fresh off the boat cuts thanks to a Tokyo FooDrink tour of Tsukiji Fish Market, to making it myself with Tokyo Sushi Making Tour, I had my share of raw fish while in Japan.

    Japanese Street food

    Also on my Eat Osaka cooking class, I got to make and sample Japanese street food including a portable version of Okonomiyaki. I first fell in love with this delicious dish in Hiroshima and now I got to learn how to make it on my own.

    Eating Asia


    Must Try Dishes: Soldier soup, tteokbokki, kimchi, and Korean BBQ

    Next up on this eating Asia trip was my first time tasting Korea. Thanks to O’ngo food tours I got a look into Korean drinking culture which includes lots of Korean eats. From kimchi to Korean barbecue this was a great introduction to Korean food. My day with DMZ Spy Tours had me sampling Northern delicacies and my day trip with Here Korea saw me sampling massive dumplings and Army Soup – a white trash mix of army rations that is actually amazing.


    Must Try Dishes: Peking Duck, dim sum, and Tanghulu

    Thanks to Hilas food tours I was able to sample some great Beijing street food on this eating Asia trip. This gave me an insight to Chinese food beyond stir fried rice and dim sum. Then there was Peking Duck. My god. Peking Duck.

    While in Hong Kong I got to taste and better understand dim sum thanks to a tour with Eating Adventures. From the world’s cheapest five star Michelin restaurant to Hong Kong’s obsession with desserts, Eating Adventures covers it.

    Then there was enjoying Chinese tea on our own in Mongkok. Without a guide, we may have ordered way too much but delicious nonetheless.


    Must Try Dishes: Khao Soi, mango sticky rice, and sai oua sausage

    Arguably my favourite Asian cuisine. My first time in Thailand I discovered that I have never had a proper mango before and enjoyed an amazing cooking class with Zabb-e-Lee. This go around while living in Chiang Mai I set out to see if making Panang curry, my favourite of all the Thai curries, at home would be cheaper than the already cheap restaurants. Of course, I documented it along the way. Also, making mango sticky rice at home was shockingly cheap and easy too.

    Eating Asia

    Then there was falling in love with street food at the night markets all over again. Northern style Thai sausage and sticky rice FTW.



    Must Try Dishes: Ginger salad, tea leaf salad, and Burmese curry

    Although I didn’t have any press related eating Asia tours set up, it didn’t stop me from documenting my food journey to Burma. Along the way I found out that Burmese food is super fresh and super tasty.


    Must Try Dishes: Sambal, Nasi kandar, and Nasi lemak

    Another eating Asia first for me – Malaysia. There I took an awesome class with Lazat Cooking School and fell in love with Sambal. I also found out I had been cooking my curry paste wrong all these years. Longer the better people.


    Must Try Dishes: Popiah, Chili crab, Singapore-style beef jerky, and Chicken rice

    Singapore proved to be a surprisingly tasting eating Asia stop. Thanks to a Chinatown Food Adventure walking tour I got to sample the best the city has to offer including the famous Hawker Markets. From trying durian for the 1st time to drinking unique cocktails and coffee, Singapore was also a quirky eating Asia stop.

    72 hours in Singapore 5


    Must Try Dishes: Nasi goreng, Gado-gado, Singapore-style beef jerky, and Luwak Coffee

    Last up on the eating Asian food tour was my time in Indonesia. There I took a class at an organic farm in Bali and picked my ingredients right before cooking them. Talk about fresh.

    While staying at the Kana Kutu Hotel in Bali I was invited to a full on feast of Indonesian dishes. We are talking plate after plate of the countries best.


    Then there was trying Luwak Coffee – beans that actually pass through a living animal before being roasted and consumed by humans. Wha??

    Eating Asia
    Eating Asia
    Eating Asia

    Bursting Buttons

    Hopefully, you find this eating Asia post as filling as I did. Note: I am a (self-proclaimed) professional travel eater. Do not attempt this eating Asia tour without consulting a physician first!

    What say you?
    Thoughts on this Eating Asia adventure?
    Let’s hear it!

    For more worldly eats from Asia and beyond see HERE.

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