FlashAir Review – Putting the “Insta” back in Instagram

When my Instagram account started picking up steam I caught some flack. Not because my filter choices were bunk or because all I took was selfies. No, because I was using pictures taken from my micro 4/3 camera and not my iPhone. “Instagram is supposed to be like…instant” Yes, at first. Since then it has evolved too so much more with professional photographers, magazines, and news agencies using it as a platform to display and share their work, not all of which is shared in the moment.

Still, there is value in sharing your images as they happen. I get this. But how do you achieve that when you don’t use your cell phone to take pictures or are looking to share you very best images? Enter FlashAir and this FlashAir review.

Toshiba FlashAir Review

What is FlashAir?

Simply put, FlashAir is a way to transfer your images from your camera to your wireless devices effortlessly. It’s a SD flash card with a built-in router allowing you to connect and transfer images in an instant. What a world we live in.

Toshiba FlashAir Review

At the time of this posting, FlashAir SD cards come in 3 storage sizes – 8GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB.

How it Works

Again, to put it simply, it works very well. Using the FlashAir app I can connect, select the images I want, and transfer from my camera to my phone in seconds. It literally puts the “insta” back into Instagram for this non-iPhoneographer.


Toshiba FlashAir Review
Toshiba FlashAir Review
Toshiba FlashAir Review
Toshiba FlashAir Review

How much?

At the time of posting this FlashAir review you can get a 16 GB FlashAir SD (version 3) card for $46.95 CAD and 32 GB for only $99.36 on Amazon.ca.

FlashAir Review – Overall

One downside that I found during this FlashAir review is that the card will drain your camera battery faster. I always carry a spare charged battery so has never been an issue for me. I have used the FlashAir card to wirelessly transfer thousands of images and right now, I couldn’t live without it…or at least as long as I own a camera that doesn’t have wireless capabilities. My beloved (and beat up) Olympus E-PL5 doesn’t have this option but newer models do. Until then, I’m thankful for FlashAir.

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Toshiba FlashAir Review

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