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    Here is a list of great travel related products, services, and tourism boards that I have had the opportunity to work with. If you have a travel related product you would like me to test out, review, and share with the world just drop me a line!


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    I partner up with this great discount car rental site for two great European road trips and take over their Instagram account in the process.


    I partnered with this tiny Mediterranean Nation to see what makes it a unique destination.


    The tiny nations continue with a visit to Luxembourg!


    One of the world’s leaders when it comes to camera bags and accessories – and I got to play with them.


    ZipCar is leading the way in the car sharing world so was stoked to be sponsored by them for my #GreatCoastRoadTrip leg. Note: Not all ZipCar’s are decked out this awesome.


    Eyeexplore Tokyo offers walking photo tours for photo junkies of varying skill levels. It’s a great way to see the electrifying sights of Tokyo in a totally new light.


    I head for a cruise on the Rhine with the worlds river cruise leader!


    I partner with Tourism Ireland to show off the beautiful country sides and historic pubs.


    Czech Republic Tourism was a big help in getting me to Pilsen, home of my favourite beer.


    As the name suggests, KeepGo international SIM cards keep you connected while on the go, no matter where “go” takes you.  I had the pleasure of staying connected around the world by taking KeepGo for a test run.

    ?????I took the San Francisco bag companies latest camera carriers and backpacks for a trip around the world in order to get them some interesting shots. Great bags and even better company!


    Wellington, NZ is dubbed “The Coolest little Capital in the World” and with the help of Wellington Tourism, I put this to the test.

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    Vienna is chalked full of world-class museums, amazing architecture, and great beer. It’s also a surprisingly great summertime destination.


    Pilsen is Europe Capital of Culture 2015 and I got to have a sneak peak. This city is a must for those wanting to escape Prague’s tourist crowds and there is no better time to visit than now!


    There is no cooler camera strap around than these custom made beauties. Strong, durable, and only get better with age.  For my full review with plenty of pictures see here.

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    Hate roaming charges? Me too. That is why I have partnered up with Roam Mobility, Canada’s answer to unwanted cell phone bills while travelling in the USA and Mexico.

    Looking to learn another language? Look no further than Preply, the world’s best online tutors!

    Travel Partners

    Here is a list of great sites and companies that I have contributed articles or photographs to. If you are looking for a quality content writer or would like a guest post on your page please feel free to contact me or check out my Hire me page.


    “Viator (A TripAdvisor Company) is the world’s leading resource for researching, finding and booking the best travel experiences worldwide. Our team of travel insiders is obsessed with finding the best things to do everywhere we travel.” Hey that’s me!


    “Travel Ideas aim to provide South African travellers with a comprehensive and informative array of holiday
    options to every destination around the world. We enlist the talents of well-travelled journalists creating stories on new and exciting destinations.” Me again!


    Coast Hotels are located in Northern Canada, Alaska, Alberta, BC, and down the west coast of the USA. I had an absolute blast cruising the California Coast and staying at their southern most properties while working on their #GreatCoastRoadTrip campaign.

    logo4I have contributed many articles to – the fastest, easiest way to plan travel. The site and mobile apps save you time by comparing top travel sites so you don’t have to.


    It’s a tough job. Travel by day, drink by night – snapping pictures along the way. In reality it was nice to get recognized for my recent swing in photo skills. Booze aside, it was for a great cause.

    “Whisky Wisemen is a not-for-profit organization in Vancouver founded on the belief that the world could always use one more gentleman.


    Top Rated Travel is a great site for those looking for city guides and tips on where to eat and where to stay. I have done a TON of articles for this site.

    Travel_Escapism-1Escape your normal vacation with fun tips and budget friendly ideas from Travel Escapism. This site is a great resource for foodies looking for the best eats around the globe as well as those looking for things to do that are beyond the tourist traps.

    loveholidays has revolutionized the way they offer you holidays. They provide four flexible payment options to choose from, in a bid to make holidays more affordable for everyone. After all, there is no feeling quite like booking your perfect getaway!

    Indie_Travels-copy-finalIndie Travels is a place for those looking for the “5-Best’s” of many popular travel destinations. Short on time? Indie Travels also offers great 24 hour itineraries.


    Baladeo is a great backpacking company based in France. Established in 1995, they are a successful company that sells anything and everything needed for filling your backpack no matter the purpose of your trip. From hostel hopping across Europe to climbing mount Kilimanjaro, Baladeo has you covered.


    Roots Traveler is a great travel blog site focused on getting you outside. Find inspirational stories and great hikes around the world here.

    Friends of TLITs

      Here is a list of accolades, contributions, and other bloggers I enjoy reading and have swapped stories with. If you are a fellow travel blogger and want to be added to this list or would like to share stories,  Facebook likes, or Tweets –  I would love to meet you. Contact me to find out how we can help each other get the word out.

      Best Travel Blogs

      Copypress is quickly becoming one of the internets best collection of copy writers – and I am featured as one of their best.

      Sandra Pearson

      Say hi to Sandra Pearson, “Author of ‘Home Exchanging: Your Guide to Enjoying Free Vacation Accommodations’. Sandra is an expert on how to monetize your home to pay for your vacation stays.

      The HoliDaze

      Derek Freal, a self-described cultural enthusiast and perpetual wanderer, is the brains behind The Holidaze websites – a travel blog unlike your average travel blog.


      AsWeTravel is full of the latest travel advice, clutter-free city guides, fun travel tips, Eco-Friendly Travel, Best Travel Products, Green Travel Tips and HD travel videos from around the world.


      Wanderlust Circle is on a mission to connect travelers all around the world. Join today and make friends wherever you go. Traffic Exchange

      The Travel Blog Traffic Exchange is a collection of the best travel blogs on the internet…and This Life in Trips is one of them. Click on the logo below to see where this site currently ranks.

      Love to travel on the cheap? So do Agness and Cez – two adventurous tramps from Poland and caretakers of They call themselves tramps because they live without a permanent home and for under 25 bucks a day since 2011.

      Road tripping in Arizona

      A&Z are a couple from India and Portugal and are the authors behind Backpack ME. Back in 2011 they quit their jobs in Dubai to travel around the world. Now they want to inspire everyone to travel, no matter where they come from. Backpack ME is all about a multicultural perspective on travel!

      Europe Travelr Logo

      Europe Travelr is a site fully dedicated to travels within Europe. Here you will find city and country guides to European destinations, travels tips for traveling Europe and practical information about Europe as a whole as well as individual countries.

      Travel Massive

      “Travel Massive connects thousands of travel insiders to meet, learn and collaborate at free events all around the world. We are a global community of travel industry insiders, leaders, and innovators.”


      Going Awesome Places – Inspirational travel blog focused on affordable luxury and experiential adventures


      Universal Traveler – Meet Tim Kroeger, world wander looking for more out of life. With no clue what to do after finishing school he turned to travel for an education that can’t be found in any text book

      Meet Rika of, another cubicle escape who walked away from the corporate grind in 2012 and became a scuba diving instructor in the Caribbean. Read on for her underwater adventures beyond the 9-5 grind.

      From green hotels and public transportation to local food and environmentally friendly products, Go Green Travel Green is the top source for sustainable travel tips, reviews, and stories.


      Hey look at that! This Life in Trips has been named one Bob’s Top Travel Blogs for 2015!

      Best Travel Blogs

      Travel hack experts when it comes to making the most of your air miles and partner programs.


      Sabina is a twenty-something student and aspiring grownup. She has a passion for fashion,revels in travel and is always in the mood for food. Follow along through her site Girl vs Globe.


      Crazzytravel – Illia and Nastia are a traveling couple blogging at They enjoy telling romantic stories from their days on the road, as well as inspiring people to travel more, and cheaper. As of September, 2014 these birds have been to 37 countries across 4 continents and ain’t no stopping!