A Photo Walk Through the Rice Fields of Ubud


“Yo, what’s down there?” I continued my climb back up the Tegalalang Rice Terrace not knowing this dumb question was directed at me. “Bro! What’s down there?” The second time stopped me in my tracks. I turned to find two frat looking Aussie’s genuinely wondering where they were. “Seriously?” I asked as if no one could be that daft. We were standing on the east side of one of the most popular rice fields of Ubud with clear views of it all and these two Bogans were seriously wondering if there was a juice bar or something at the bottom. I scanned the horizons for hidden TV cameras as if I was on some sort of Balinese version of Punk’d but alas there were none. Just two bros wondering what all the fuss was about.

To help all you clueless tourists out there, here’s my photo walk through the rice fields of Ubud…juice bar and all.

 Rice Fields of Ubud Good to Know

Don’t Miss: Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Seriously dude. It’s like totally worth it.

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