This Life in Trips 2018 in Travel – Looking Back and Ahead

It’s that time a year again! The time we all compile our top nine Instagram photos, look back at the cool things we’ve done, and look ahead to what’s to come. For me, This Life in Trips 2018 in Travel reflection is uncharacteristically early. In the past, these recap posts have slipped weeks into the new year. So why so early this go around? For the first time in a long time, I’m excited to share some news that doesn’t revolve around an upcoming epic trip.

I will get to that announcement soon, but first, let’s look back at what turned out to be a very busy year for This Life in Trips.

America First

First up on This Life in Trips 2018 in Travel recap is a look south of the Canadian border. With Trump shockingly still president, my semi-boycott of travel to the USA continued in 2018. Normally I would make several trips south each year. 2018 only saw me get to the “land of the free” four times. First, there was a boozy filled weekend in Savannah, Georgia. We drank on the streets, stayed in a historic mansion, and took a food tour with Savannah Taste Experience.

Next was a birthday trip to California. There I searched out how a couple DINKS can make the most of visiting the happiest place on earth and what makes Universal Studios Hollywood different than the one in Florida. Turns out, it’s in the name.

There was also a short trip to Reno to celebrate a friends pre-baby freedom. That is one quirky town and hope to share a bit about it in 2019.

Lastly, there was a now annual pilgrimage to Bumbershoot in Seattle. This music festival just might be your thing too if you like great music, food, beer, and sleeping in a comfortable bed vs. camping.

More Canada Please

2017 was the year of Canada for me. To celebrate Canada’s 150th I set foot in all ten provinces and 2-out-of-three territories. It was a great year and made me appreciate just how awesome my home is. This love continued in 2018 with an epic road trip around Vancouver Island’s Marine Circle Route. From tall timbers to race cars, it was a journey filled with nature and adventure. I highly recommend this trip for anyone looking to get off the beaten path!

Vancouver Island wasn’t the only British Columbia road trip for me. I spent close to 3 weeks travelling around Northern BC, discovering historic mining towns, photographing black bears, and enjoying a new brewery at every stop along the way. I haven’t shared anything on this site about the trip yet but documented the stink out of it through Instagram stories. Again, more to come in 2019.

Porto FTW

If you do follow me on Instagram it will come as no surprise that my trip to Porto, Portugal was one of my favourites of 2018. I spent three plus days in this photogenic city exploring, eating, and taking tons of pictures.

My trip to Puerto was highlighted by a train ride on the Presidential – the worlds most gastronomically awesome experience. Aside from being a super scenic ride on a train that once carried royalty, I was served Michelin Star quality meals while enjoying Douro Valley views.

Also wine. So much wine.


Not to be outdone on the foodie adventures, Copenhagen blew me away with its New Nordic Cusine. I spent a tasty weekend biking around and sampling what makes Copenhagen the foodie capital of Scandinavia.

Brew Review

2018 also saw me share some of my favourite brewery tour experiences. This included an impromptu visit to the Super Bock brewery in Portugal and Carlsberg in Copenhagen. The latter also included a visit to the world’s largest unopened beer bottle collection.

I also shared a few experiences from famous breweries in Canada such as Steam Whistle in Toronto and Moosehead in St.John New Brunswick. Then there was a food and brew trip to Victoria BC that made for a great weekend getaway. That was just tapping the keg. Keep an eye out for more beer and 2019!

India and Beyond

My This Life in Trips 2018 in Travel highlight trip was an epic trip I just finished to India, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. It was an amazing mix of culture, luxury, slumming it, and awesome food. The details are still fresh and as soon as I finish sorting my 1000+ pictures I will begin sharing all of the experiences on my blog. Keep an eye out for the content starting early 2019!

We Fancy

Part of that epic trip to India was cashing in my Aeroplan points for an amazing mini-RTW tip in business class. Although 2018 had its share of luxury travel posts, 2019 will see plenty more lounge and business class reviews on this site thanks to that epic trip.

Looking Ahead

I started This Life in Trips 2018 in Travel post by saying that it was early thanks to my excitement to share what’s to come, even though it is not necessarily travel related. Well, in order to get this post out and avoid slipping into 2019 I am going to push publish now. I will follow up and share what’s to come (and not to come) in travel in 2019 in my next post.

Happy New Year all!

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