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At the end of 2013, I created 9 New Year’s Resolutions for a Travel Blogger and have vowed to abide by them. 2014 saw huge strides in 2 of those 9 in particular: Take better Photos (and more often) and Be More Social. 2014 saw me go from using a point-and-shoot camera to an interchangeable lens system that has created pictures that I often do a double-take and ask myself if I really took that. I then took those surprising shots and shared through my social media channels. This saw my Instagram numbers increase from around 100 to over 2,700. Not too shabby.

I am constantly asked about my photo taking and Instagram process which I am hoping to share this year (it’s actually more complicated than I would like to admit) but in the meantime, let’s look back at some of This Life in Trips most liked pictures on Instagram as well as my TOP 5 that didn’t make your list.

Fan Favourite Instagram Photos of 2014

Of the 300 or so pictures I posted in 2014, here are your Favourite Photos from real Instagram followers. By the looks of it, Turkey was a fan favourite with #1 being a cat – “Shocking!” said no one who has ever used a computer.

#5 of TLITs Fan Favourite Instagram Photos: Hagia Sophia Sitting

Enjoying the view at the #HagiaSofia #istanbul

A photo posted by This Life In Trips (@lifeintrips) on

This was taken on a great day strolling the streets of Istanbul. We were on a layover on the way to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and was out to prove that you can see a lot of Istanbul in a short period.

#4 of TLITs Fan Favourite Instagram Photos: Cave Living in Cappadocia

Working on a post today about this cool cave hotel in #Cappadocia. More pics to come! A photo posted by This Life In Trips (@lifeintrips) on

This was by far the coolest place I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. If you are in Turkey, go to Cappadocia. If you go to Cappadocia stay at the Kale Konak Cave Hotel, a Cappadocia hotel above the rest.

#3 of TLITs Fan Favourite Instagram Photos: Balloons at Sunrise

New 8mm style travel video posted on my site today featuring @voyagerballoons in #Cappadocia!

A photo posted by This Life In Trips (@lifeintrips) on

  Another one of lifeintrips in Cappadocia. This was the beginning of an amazing day floating above Cappadocia with Voyager Balloons. I highly recommend this company for their service and safety. For more pictures from that day see my full review: High Above Cappadocia with Voyager Balloons.

#2 of TLITs Fan Favourite Instagram Photos: Can’t Get Enough of That Cave

New blog post: Sleeping like a posh Flinstone at the Kale Konak Cave Hotel in beautiful #Cappadocia. A photo posted by This Life In Trips (@lifeintrips) on

I don’t blame you! The Kale Konak Cave Hotel in Cappadocia really is a special spot! For my full review including some other awesome shots see here: Kale Konak – A Cappadocia Cave Hotel Above the Rest

#1 of TLITs Fan Favourite Instagram Photos: Cappadocia Kitten Stretch

#Cappadocia #Kitten stretch.

A photo posted by This Life In Trips (@lifeintrips) on

Here it is, lifeintrips #1 fan favourite Photo- this cute kitten in Cappadocia taking a stretch. With over 500 likes this shot takes the cake. Yet again another photo snapped at the Kale Konak Cave Hotel. Seriously people, stay at this hotel!

My Favourite Instagram Photos of 2014

Clearly, we have different tastes because my favourite Instagram Photos of 2014 are different than the highest-ranked fan favourite Instagram photos. I could chalk it up to having fewer followers engaged at the time or not using the right hashtags but in my mind these photos are tops!

#1 Puppy Reunion

I had the pleasure of hanging out with this Monk for a day. Although the picture doesn’t show it, he was quite stern and a bit reserved. That is until we visited the dog he had to give up when he became a monk. The absolute joy and love between dog and man was heartwarming to say the least. This was one of my favorite moments from my whole #rtw trip.   A photo posted by This Life In Trips (@lifeintrips) on

This picture is my absolute favourite. The story itself is probably a big reason why. For more check out my post on that day I hung out with a monk!

#2 Reykjavik Nights

  A highlight from my 3 days in Reykjavik for sure!

#3 The Blue Mosque 

Blue Mosque #Istanbul #Turkey A photo posted by This Life In Trips (@lifeintrips) on

Another of my favourite Instagram Photos from Istanbul!

#4 Double Dancer

Quite possibly the oddest and most beautiful performance I have ever seen. More pictures on the blog today. Link in profile!

A photo posted by This Life In Trips (@lifeintrips) on

  Come on people! How great is this?? It was like he/she posed just for me. For more see my post on my trip to the Lady Boy show in Koh Samui!

#5 Them Neon Bones

New on the blog today, my time exploring the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas. –> LINK IN PROFILE <–

A photo posted by This Life In Trips (@lifeintrips) on

My Favourite Instagram Photos of 2014 rounds out with this cool shot from my visit to the Neon Boneyard Museum in Las Vegas. Check out my full post packed with great photos: Stepping Back in Time with a Visit to The Neon Boneyard.

 What say you?

 Did These Favourite Instagram Photos Inspire you? Let’s hear it!

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