Instagramming Istanbul

Istanbul. Where the continents of Europe and Asia meet. The result is an amazing collection of sights, sounds, and culture. The food, architecture, and people make this unique city so wonderfully great to me. Instagramming Istanbul has allowed me to share some of my favourite moments from one of my favourite cities in the world.


Instagramming Istanbul

Comando Steps

Hagia Sofia

The Blue Mosque. No words.

Action on the Galata Bridge

Feeling at home thanks to our stay at the Baylo Suites!

Turkish Tea time!

Just a couple of Turks hanging out.


Getting freshly squeezed juices became part of my daily routine. In this case it was mix for my Russian Vodka brought over from Sochi!

Our front yard thanks to Sumahan on the Water

Eating Kebabs and Donors also were part of my day to day. Love this picture almost as much as the meal!


The Grande Bazaar. Yah, its pretty big and pretty hard not to leave without a rug or lamp.


One of my favourite days Instagramming Istanbul – a cooking class with Turkish Flavours! Review to follow.


This awesome nights sleep was brought to me by Neorion Hotel. Top notch service in the heart of the old city.


We managed to find a bar playing the Canada vs. Sweden Gold medal game. We also found some Canadians to cheer with!


On the move. Love this shot.


Enjoying my morning tea from the roof of our perfect apartment at Baylosuites. Review to follow!


Galata Tower, Istanbul


These tasty Simit carts are everywhere. I found #33, my luckiest of numbers




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  1. Avatarsays: Escape Hunter

    Istanbul is a wonderful destinations for eating around… so many delicacies!
    Loved Istanbul!

    1. Avatarsays: shaun_robertson

      So photogenic! Some of my favorite pictures are from Istanbul. Follow me on Instagram as I will be posting more soon!

  2. Avatarsays: Trevor Britt

    Great shots Shaun! I love Istanbul for all the same reasons you mentioned, especially the food!

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