What to do in Amsterdam Once You’ve Done Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an energetic and stunning city. This you know. It has bicycle filled streets, boat lined canals, and busy cafés, coffee shops, and bars. This is nothing new. You have heard of the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank house, and the Heineken Experience. These are all must-see sites and activities, but what do you do when you have already done Amsterdam? On my 4th visit to the city, I decided to do just that.

Read on for these unique activities for those that have already done Amsterdam and looking for more. They are also great alternatives to the city’s most popular (crowded) attractions.

The Dutch Resistance Museum

The Ann Frank house receives around a million visitors per year, and for good reason. Ann Frank’s diary has been read by millions worldwide and is one of the best accounts of the atrocities and harsh conditions Jewish people faced during World War II. It is, of course, not the only story. If you have already done Amsterdam and visited the Ann Frank house, or are looking for a less crowded story of life during the warhead to The Dutch Resistance Museum. This a great place to get several first-person accounts of the Nazi Germany invasion and occupation of the Netherlands. Inside you will find stories and a fantastic audio guide that takes you through Amsterdam life in the ’30s and ’40s. Don’t miss the Junior Museum exhibit. This takes 4 very different children’s views to what the war and occupation meant to them with present-day follow-up interviews with the same people.

done Amsterdam

Micropia Museum

Amsterdam is home to the worlds only museum dedicated to the invisibly small – The Micropia Museum. Inside you will learn and interact with microscopic bugs and bacteria. A look at life under a microscope is fascinating but not for the squeamish.  Don’t miss the collection of mouldy food and massive ant farm. It is also guaranteed to make you buy a toothbrush the minute you leave its doors.

Seriously, change out your toothbrush after a couple of months people.

Amsterdam Zoo

Next to The Micropia Museum Museum, you will find the Natura Artis Magistra Zoo, another interesting site that you wouldn’t expect in Amsterdam and a great alternative to strolling Vondelpark.

done Amsterdam

done Amsterdam


Remembering Rembrandt

Van Gogh is my (and the worlds) favourite painter. This is why on my first visit to his hometown I checked out the Van Gogh Museum. What do you do now that you have done Amsterdam? Check out Rembrandt’s Home and studio. This famous house offers a behind-the-scenes look at Rembrandt’s lavish life as an instructor and painter in Amsterdam. Inside you’ll find several original art pieces, tools and the furniture he used. The included audio guide takes you through his rags to riches to rags life in Amsterdam.

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High Wine

Although not the clearest name to decipher considering the city it’s held in, High Tea is a unique activity for those that have done Amsterdam. Originally conceived at the beautiful Dylan Hotel, Europe’s first boutique hotel by the by, High Tea offers 4 wine and food pairings from the hotels Michelin Star restaurant. Served daily between 3 and 5 PM, guests and visitors can sample creative and delicious dishes paired with some of Europe’s finest wines. This unique Amsterdam activity offers great value. At €39 per person, you are taken on a gastronomical journey around Europe, all from the comforts of this great hotel restaurant.

Hungry Birds Food Tours

If High Wine got you hungry, consider continuing this journey with a walking tour around the city. Hungry Birds foodie walking tours offer a great way to taste Amsterdam. If you’re like me, then your food knowledge of the Netherlands is limited to Gouda and terrible liquorice candy. Once I had done Amsterdam and its highlights my focus turned to the fact that I knew little of the city’s food and drink. Hungry Birds solved this in a tasty and educational fashion.

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Stay Unique

Now that you have an idea of what to see and do once you’ve done Amsterdam, consider staying somewhere a little different. Houseboats on the canal are an interesting choice of accommodations as is Hotel de Windketel. Guests have the pleasure of staying in a ridiculously cute refurbished water tower. Those looking for a great mix of unique relaxation and nightlife should consider The Volks Hotel. This is perfect for unwinding and winding up in one of Europe’s most entertaining cities.

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What say you?
Thoughts on what to do once you have done Amsterdam?
Let’s hear it!

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