Volkshotel – A Unique Amsterdam Hotel I Could Seriously Live In

 As I walked through the Volkshotel front doors I had to do a double-take. Inside I found a lively bar and busy workspace, neither of which resembled anything close to your typical hotel lobby. Confused, I asked at what I assumed was the front desk if I was indeed at the Volkshotel. This should give you a taste of just how unique this hotel is… and we haven’t even gotten past the lobby.

Born Unique

The Volkshotel pays homage to its former tenant, De Volkskrant newspaper. What was once the “peoples paper,” a giant in the Dutch newspaper world, now houses studios for artists, bars, clubs, restaurants, and some seriously creative guestrooms. Pretty much everything you would expect in a traditional hotel has a unique touch to it. This most certainly has to do with the owner’s fresh take on a hotel experience. Their secret (besides obviously being creative) is having absolutely no hotel industry experience. Now I’m sure this has come with its share of headaches but you can see from this guest’s point of view, the Volkshotel is uniquely refreshing.

Wallpaper comprised of newspaper clippings – homage to the buildings original tenant.

Work hard, play hard

The Volkshotel theme of “for the people” is best on display in the lobby. There you will find a large workspace, breakout rooms, and conference areas for all to use. Local students and digital nomads can be seen at all hours taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi and inspiring space.

I want to live here.


Volkshotel is, of course, much more than a place to have a coffee and work on a paper. The lobby bar was lively at 7 PM on the Thursday I checked in and the club in the basement goes all night. Then there is the bar on the roof top floor with spectacular views of the city. Although I didn’t sample the epic nightlife the weekend I was there, I did notice the after effects in the eyes of fellow guests at breakfast the next day.


Probably the coolest feature to kicking back at the Volkshotel is the rooftop spa. There you will find wood-fired (looking) hot tubs and a couple of saunas – perfect for pre-or post-Amsterdam nightlife. Again, not your typical hotel. So soak it in and soak up that view while you’re at it.


Rooms that make you want to stay in

By the time I checked into the Volkshotel I had been on the road for just over 11 months. You can imagine my desire to do little more than “Netflix and chill” when I realized my Volkshotel room included a projector TV and hours of streaming movies and TV shows.

I really want to live here.

The bike-themed room that I stayed in is one of nine special rooms at the Volkshotel. Although their standard rooms are nothing to scoff at, staying in one of their theme rooms seems only fitting when staying at such a unique Amsterdam hotel. These special rooms range from a 1930’s style movie theatre to a Japanese Zen zone complete with a cedar tub.

All of these theme rooms include movie projectors, soaker tubs, and quirky touches. This can be attested to the artists and architects that live or work in one of the Volkshotels creative studios. Some of them have been commissioned to design and create these signature rooms making for a win-win-win.

I really want to live AND work here.

Stay Quirky

Although I was in Amsterdam discovering what to do once you’ve “done” Amsterdam, I did enjoy just hanging out at the Volkshotel. It is a space to relax and unwind or wind up and party. It is also a space to be inspired and create. With its quirky touches and a close connection to everything Amsterdam (there is literally a metro stop at its door), the Volkshotel is the complete package when it comes to staying different in Amsterdam.

Digital nomads be warned, you may not want to leave.

Volks Hotel Good to Know

Room Rate: Varies per room type. Check online for the latest rate!
Includes: Free wifi throughout, access to rooftop spa!
Don’t Miss: A sweat in the sauna and breakfast, dinner, or partying at Canvas!

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Although I was provided a reduced media rate at the Volkshotel,
the experience, opinions, and night of Netflix and Chill are my own.

So how does the VolksHotel rank?

10 Character
10 Comfort
9 Location
10 Value
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