Instagramming Sochi 2014

Instagramming Sochi 2014

Still no Sochi blog yet but hey, I’ve got pictures! Instagramming Sochi 2014 is a quick recap of my blurry time in Russia. Thoughts and words to follow. For reals. Till then:


Instagramming Sochi 2014


The host country representing on the rink

Tickets for the day

Regina in the house

Erin’s post CBC appearance

Why so sad Russian Cold War era elevator?

That time I cheered for Russia out of fear

The Olympic Flame

Lord Stanley and his keeper

Instagramming Sochi 2014 and the great fans we met

So. Much. Vodka.

Canada vs. Austria Faceoff

Sochi Selfie

Thanks Sochi. See you in Korea

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