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While looking for unique accommodations in Cappadocia I found out that cave hotels are all the rage. Sold. A Cappadocia cave hotel, for those of you that can’t put the two words together, is just that – a hotel in a cave. This may sound primitive and invoke images of guests sleeping on dirt floors while struggling to stay warm by a fire.  Oh, and there are bats. Lots of bats.

Although I am sure those caves exist, a Cappadocia cave hotel can range from budget-friendly hostels to lavishly furnished rooms with all the amenities and comforts of home – all built into the side of a hill or carved out of the lava rock that covers the area. These cave hotels are incredibly popular and plentiful. Scattered throughout the valley you will find unique accommodations built into the odd landscape that makes Cappadocia so wonderful. Perched high above them all you will find the Kale Konak Cave Hotel, Cappadocia’s hidden gem that just happens to be in plain sight for all to see.

Cappadocia Cave Hotel

Kale Konak Cappadocia Cave Hotel

Overlooking all of Cappadocia you will find the oddly shaped Uçhisar Castle. Being the highest point in the region it is easy to spot and makes for some fantastic pictures – both from its lookouts and of the castle itself. At the foot of the castle, you will find a group of traditional mansions carved into the rock that makes up the Kale Konak Cappadocia Cave Hotel. Because of its location, this fantastic boutique hotel offers some of the best views in all of Cappadocia. It was here that Erin and I rested after our hectic trip getting to and from the Sochi Winter Olympics. We couldn’t have picked a better spot to decompress. Rooms are incredibly comfortable and the hotel has its own AMAZING Turkish Bath which is exactly what my body needed after picking up a cold in Russia.

As you can see from the gallery above, this hotel is full of character and ridiculous charm. Aside from the call to prayer, which is actually very enjoyable, being curled up in your own little cave room high above Cappadocia is the most peaceful experience you can have in a while in the area.

Off the tourist track yet close to it all.

Although the Kale Konak Cappadocia Cave Hotel is tucked quietly away, it is close to all the major attractions and sights. The nearby town of Uçhisar has a few small shops and restaurants as well as a quiet town square with tons of character. If you’re finding yourself too relaxed or if this is too quiet for you fret not, the tourist town of  Göreme is a short drive away and taxis and buses are cheap and reliable.

Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Uçhisar charm.
Cappadocia Cave Hotel
The Uçhisar town square, only a short stroll from the Kale Konak Cappadocia Cave Hotel

Still, with so many Cappadocia cave hotel options I had to ask,

What sets the Kale Konak Cave Hotel apart?

This hotel and property are amazing. I really don’t need to sugarcoat it because it is what it is. Spotless rooms with everything you need to relax and more. The views from the patio terrace are unmatched by any other Cappadocia cave hotel, the quiet and private Turkish bath is wonderful and each of the 14 (and growing) rooms are unique and awesome in their own ways. These are the facts and on their own make this Cappadocia cave hotel a perfect choice. What really sets this place apart though is the owner and the little touches he puts into this amazing property.

“I don’t always sleep in a cave, but when I do I prefer the Kale Konak Cave Hotel.”

Cappadocia Cave Hotel

Meet Abdullah, the Dos Equis man of Turkey. Those unfamiliar with the Dos Equis man, he is the most interesting man alive. He is this Mexican beer company’s smooth-talking spokesman that has stories for days. After spending some time with Abdullah and hearing his stories and views it was clear to see that he is the real character in the Kale Konak Cave Hotel.

He loves animals.

There are kittens that roam free in the garden area and dogs that loyally follow Abdullah around. Most notably is a three-legged pooch that was taken in by the compassionate Cappadocia cave hotel owner. Where Abdullah goes, so does this pup.  With an oversized heart and a love for animals, Abdullah has rescued and taken in his fair share. He literally has a wolf (dog) pack that includes two massive Great Danes that are really small horses.

Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Cave Hotel

He has stories to share

We split a bottle of wine one night while lounging in the hotels great hall and shared stories about travel, family, and life. We hung on his words about his time in Romania where he worked in a Casino to avoid being drafted into the Turkish Army. He told us about his family and his past running a restaurant with his brother. I shared stories about my brother who inspired me to travel to which Abdullah invited him to stay at his hotel anytime. Knowing my brother this offer will be gladly accepted.

He built a house completely off the grid.

We had only assumed Abdullah lived in one of the massive rooms at the Kale Konak Cappadocia Cave Hotel – I mean wouldn’t you? Not the case. Instead, he is putting the finishing touches on a house he built that is completely self-sufficient. Power from solar panels, the wind, and other natural resources keeps his new property going and provides a comfy place for himself and his rescued animals.

He has an eye for antiques.

Staying in this Cappadocia cave hotel made us feel like the Flintstones…if the Flintstones slept in a super posh cave furnished with unique antique pieces as cool as the room we were in. But really, what is an antique to a Flintstone?

But I digress.

Our favourite features around the property, besides the animals, are the gorgeous antiques. Each room is furnished with treasures found by Abdullah, or in some cases, items that have been a part of his family for generations such as this cool wooden cart and hay pitchfork from his family farm:

Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Cave Hotel

Erin wanted to take everything home from the room we were staying in. Her list grew exponentially after Abdullah showed us around the other rooms. There are gorgeous cabinets built into the rock walls, antique doors, handcrafted wooden tables, and iron bed frames which Abdullah has custom made from his iron guy.  Seriously, who has an iron guy? The most interesting man in Turkey, that’s who.

Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Cave Hotel

So come and relax.

If the owner’s warm heart and amazing tastes don’t set this Cappadocia cave hotel apart from the competition then the service truly does. Everything is at your leisure at the Kale Konak Cave hotel. Everything can be arranged. From airport pickup to tours and hot air balloon rides, Abdullah has you covered. All you have to do is show up and relax. Breakfast is served each morning when you arrive in the cosy little “common” cave. If it’s nice out, as it was on our last day there, you can have your breakfast on the terrace with this amazing view.

Cappadocia Cave Hotel
Cappadocia Cave Hotel

Breakfast consists of olives, Turkish pastries, fresh cheese, fruit, eggs, and of course Turkish coffee. Funny note; I had my very first Turkish coffee at the Kale Konak  Cave Hotel. When Abdullah asked me if I wanted it sweet or semi-sweet I asked to have it the same as he does. He brought the Turkish coffee out and it had this little cube sitting next to it which I assumed was some sort of odd Turkish sugar cube – as if there is such a thing. I plopped it in my coffee and drank the surprisingly sweet drink. Once finished Abdullah  returned and asked if I enjoyed it to which I replied “it was great, but a little sweet.”

I then asked him about that odd sugar cube now still sitting at the bottom of my cup.  Curious he took the cup, examined it with confusion and horror wondering what the blob inside was. He finally put two and two together and started chuckling to himself. When asked what was so funny he replied saying it was a Turkish delight, obviously not meant to be put into the coffee but enjoyed alongside it. Side note, this was also my first Turkish delight.

A Cappadocia Cave Hotel Above the Rest

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in this awesome corner of the earth obviously stay in a cave hotel. For those looking for amazing views in a peaceful spot high above Cappadocia stay at the Kale Konak Cave Hotel. Its rooms are full of character and the property is run by the most interesting man in Turkey. It truly is the Cappadocia cave hotel high above the rest.

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Although I was provided comfortable and complimentary accommodations at this wonderful Cappadocia cave hotel,
the experience, opinions, and words are my own.

So how does this hotel rank?

10 Comfort
10 Character
10 Location
10 Value
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