Shooting Shibuya with Eyexplore Tokyo

Shooting Shibuya with Eyexplore Tokyo 31

Upping my photography presence was a New Year’s resolution of mine a few years back. Since then I have learned some basic skills and graduated from a point-and-shoot to a mirrorless camera. What I haven’t done yet is figure out how to shoot at night. With some free time in Japan I could think of no better place to learn than by playing with the bright lights of Tokyo. To get me started I sought the help of Axel from Eyexplore Tokyo. Through his night photography walking tour of Shinjuku and Shibuya I picked up some new skills. Here’s how that went:

Eyexplore Tokyo

Eyexplore Tokyo Run down

After meeting up at the hectic Shinjuku JR station (see practical notes at the end of the post so you don’t get lost like I did!) Axel went through what to expect as well as some basic information on aperture and IOS settings. From there our Eyexplore Tokyo tour was off to our first stop, a busy intersection just around the corner.

Eyexplore Tokyo

Eyexplore Tokyo

Eyexplore Tokyo

People and Food

From the busy intersection we switched gears (and settings) and made our way to a busy walking street full of interesting eateries. Here, Axel wanted us to practice capturing people and interesting scenes of Tokyo’s busy night life. Now normally I am awkward about photographing people I don’t know (perhaps the Canadian in me) but with the group of Eyexplore Tokyo guests this awkwardness faded and I was able to capture some interesting shots.

Eyexplore Tokyo

Quick Tricks

Next up on our Eyexplore Tokyo night photography tour was shooting night scenes through a glass window. For this we went 20 or so floors above Shinjuku to get a spot Axel had picked out. Using a tripod to get the camera as close to the window as possible, Axel taught us to use the tripod case to block out the light below the camera thus removing the glare. Tricky!

Eyexplore Tokyo

Eyexplore Tokyo


After another stop playing with streaks of light in traffic, our Eyexplore Tokyo tour concluded with a visit to the famous Shibuya Crossing. Their Axel once again gave us a rundown on what settings to try and let us loose.

Eyexplore Tokyo

Photo Finish

For those looking to improve their photo taking skills or for those looking for an interesting way to experience Tokyo at night, consider Eyexplore Tokyo. Axel makes this night photography class easy and fun no matter your skill set.

Plus with Eyexplore Tokyo, you will see this bright city in a totally new light.

Eyexplore Tokyo

The tips I picked up from Eyexplore Tokyo has already come in handy. I practiced these new photography skills in a few different cities across Asia including playing with the famous double-decker trams on Hong Kong Island!

Eyexplore Tokyo

Eyexplore Tokyo Good to Know

Tour cost: 10,000 yen
Includes: Guided tour, shooting tips. Tripod rental available.
Meeting point: East gate of Shinjuku JR Station

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    Dude, these are great. I have been neglecting the photo side for too long. Thanks for the kick in the butt.

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