Let’s Roll – Tokyo Sushi-Making Tour Review

Let's Roll - Tokyo Sushi-Making Tour Review 13

While in Tokyo I took some time to better myself through a couple courses, a night photography walking tour and a sushi making class with Tokyo Sushi-making Tour. Little did I know that this Tokyo Sushi-Making Tour would be entertaining and fun on top of tasty.

Meet your Host

Our Tokyo Sushi-Making Tour started by meeting our chef and host Naoya at Kitan-senju station. From there is was a short walk to his home and Tokyo Sushi-Making Tour classroom.

Tokyo Sushi-Making

Quiz Time

After dressing in a traditional Yukata (a nice touch) we were surprised with a pop quiz. As I found eating sushi at the Tsijuku Fish Market, the Japanese are particular when it comes to sushi etiquette. This means only using soy sauce and ginger on specific types of fish and holding chop sticks properly. Don’t even think about adding that wasabi to your soy sauce. Shame!

Tokyo Sushi-Making

This quiz was a fun bonus and gave us a peak into the etiquette surrounding sushi.

Lets Roll

After a history lesson on the origins of sushi our Tokyo Sushi-Making Tour shifted to actually making sushi…or so I thought. First we went through the countless steps to properly create one simple looking piece of nigiri. Using a fake piece of fish (neta) and ball or rice (sheri) we repeated this process several times until our chef was convinced we were ready for the real thing. Apparently it takes 10 years as a sushi chef to master these techniques – something to think about the next time you pop that $1.50 pice of tuna nigiri in your mouth!

Moving on to real ingredients we first made a decorative sushi roll, something I didn’t even know existed. After strategically placing some fish sausage (something else I didn’t know existed) and a series of rolls we were left with a cute looking frog.

Tokyo Sushi-Making

After that it was a few nigiri pieces of salmon, tuna, and mackerel. I had already forgotten the multiple step process – sadly I will never move past the receiving end of sushi making. From there it was one more decorative roll, this time a flower, and a couple of battleship sushi rolls of minced tuna and roe.

Dig in.

Finally, time to eat. I may not have sushi master skills but my Tokyo Sushi-Making Tour nigiri and rolls were delicious.

Tokyo Sushi-Making

Tokyo Sushi-Making

Tokyo Sushi-Making

Get Educated

In the end my day with Tokyo Sushi-Making Tour was a fun, informative, and a delicious way to make and appreciate sushi. Although this course is geared towards sushi novices and would be a hit with families and children, it was something up my alley – not shocking as I found with my Cup Noodles experience.

I had a great time with Naoya and picked up a tip or two…like fish sausage.

That’s a thing.

Tokyo Sushi-Making

Tokyo Sushi-Making Tour Good to Know

Tour price: 6,000 Yen
Includes: pictures, sushi, good times!
Meeting point: Kita Senju station

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Although I was provided a complimentary class with Tokyo Sushi-Making Tour,
the experience, opinions, and delicious nigiri was my own.

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