Staying Friendly in Nashville – Hutton Hotel Review


Staying Friendly in Nashville – Hutton Hotel Review

Nashville is an amazing town. With a rich musical heritage and an up and coming downtown core, there is much to love about Music City. My appreciation for Nashville though comes from a different angle.  Sure The Country Music Hall of Fame is great (even to this non-Country Music loving fan) and touring RCA Studio B is not to be missed, but there was something more to the charm of the city for me. Even though the Johnny Cash Museum reaffirmed my appreciation for the Man in Black, it was the warm and welcoming people that live in Nashville that did it for me – and I almost didn’t see them. Thankfully my accommodations turned that around for me. Yup, my recent visit was made that much more special thanks to the the Hutton Hotel and it’s ridiculously friendly service in a ridiculously friendly town.

Over-the-top Service

I arrived at the Hutton Hotel and breezed through it’s gorgeous lobby. I didn’t even notice the smiling staff at the front desk, I was too caught up in my messages to bother. Recently packing up my life and deciding to travel full time had left me with some work to do. After having a frustrating time tying up loose ends over email, trivial things that really got under my skin and really shouldn’t have, I made a call down to the concierge. This call not only turned my day around but gave me an attitude check that made my stay in Nashville that much more awesome. I called down for information on breakfast places and the hotels shuttle service (more on that later).  I was greeted by Laura, someone who, at first, felt way too cheery for the time of day. As our conversation continued I remember thinking to myself that this lady was 100% genuine which in turn made me smile. Who knew that a phone call for thoughts on bacon and eggs would set the tone for my stay. Aside from being a genuinely nice person, Laura was extremely helpful and made our trip into town a breeze.

Hutton Hotel
Our comfy guest room at the Hutton Hotel Nashville.

As I left my room that day I begin to notice this friendly trend with every staff member at the Hutton Hotel. From the maintenance man repairing the lock on the room next door to the cleaning crew in the halls, the Hutton Hotel staff was always smiling, courteous, saying hello, and making my day in the process. Now if I hadn’t spoken with Laura, the overly friendly concierge, and had that attitude adjustment I could’ve been blinded by my foul mood to notice just how awesome the Hutton hotel staff and the rest of Nashville really is. Kindness is a funny thing that way, and hats off to the Hutton Hotel for knowing this.

All Class

Once I had my attitude check I was able to take in the space around me. The high-quality and modern furnishings I breezed past in the lobby continued in our guest room. With plenty of space to stretch out, the Hutton Hotel was beyond comfortable for our Nashville stay. The bathroom features a large rainfall shower and the cozy bed made it that much harder to leave – although that could’ve been the previous nights Bourbon. Either way sleeping in was not a problem at this great hotel.

Hutton Hotel

Hutton Hotel
Clean and modern at the Hutton Hotel Nashville

Awesome Extras

Beyond the friendly service and well-equipped rooms, the Hutton Hotel Nashville offered plenty of perks that only added to the appeal. I worked off the previous night’s whiskey with double espresso shots from the complementary Nespresso Bar just outside our room. I assumed the check-in staff knew of my fondness for this quick espresso drink but later found that there is a machine on every floor!

Hutton Hotel
GOOD mornings at the Hutton Hotel Nashville

What will probably stand out most for me about the Hutton Hotel (besides the friendly service of course) is the complementary shuttle service. Before my stay, I had read that the hotel offered this service through a fleet of hybrid vehicles. What I didn’t realize is that this fleet includes two Tesla electric cars! I felt like a God damn rock star (Country star?) cruising around Nashville in this ride. Unreal.

Hutton Hotel
Riding in (responsible) style at the Hutton Hotel Nashville!

Pet Friendly

The Hutton Hotel in Nashville doesn’t discriminate between it’s two legged and four legged guests. Pooches are well looked after here and are treated to a goody bag of snacks, toys, and a water bowl upon arrival. Also, if you don’t feel like taking your Hound Dog to Elvis Presley’s RCA studio B, The Hutton Hotel has you covered with a doggy daycare!

Nearby Eats

Although the Hutton Hotel has a highly acclaimed restaurant (The 1808 Grill), I didn’t get a chance to try it. I did, however, sample a few great places within walking distance – Hattie B’s for their awesome hot chicken (a Nashville favourite and must eat dish) and the Magnolia Restaurant for an amazing brunch with over-the-top service. I recommend both and may have hit up the hot Chicken more than twice in 12-hours. It’s that good.

Hutton Hotel
Hot Chicken just steps away from the Hutton Hotel Nashville!

Stumbling Distance from Music Row

The Hutton Hotel also has the added bonus of being near a strip of bars (and historic studios such as the famous RCA Studio B!) in Midtown called Music Row. This area is much less touristy than the Honky Tonk yet still features awesome live music in every bar. From the Paterson House – a craft cocktail bar serving up creative mixes, to Winners and Losers – two side-by-side bars that have become a local favourite, the Midtown strip has something for everyone.

Stay Friendly

For its over-the-top finishes, awesome extras, and great Music Row location, the Hutton Hotel is a perfect pick for your weekend getaway to Nashville. These are the obvious. What made it MY perfect pick was the simple act of sincerity on part of a girl who was just doing her job at a ridiculously friendly hotel in a ridiculously friendly town.


Although my stay at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville was complimentary,
the opinions, experience, and attitude check are my own.

So how does this hotel rank?

10 Comfort
10 Character
9 Location
9 Value
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