Instagramming Iceland 2

Formulating thoughts and putting words on paper is proving to be a struggle on this trip. Between rushing to attractions and catching flights there has been little time to write about it. Vodka filled nights and jet lag have not helped either. Because of this struggle I have turned to Instagramming Iceland as a way to get content out while on the go. Here is a quick recap of the cool sites seen on my latest trip through the land of fire and ice via our Instagram accounts.

Instagramming Iceland



Getting to Iceland via Icelandair

Nothing like soaking away an 8 hour flight

Iceland Cheap Eats

Northern Lights over Reykjavik

Fontana Geothermal Pools

Icelandic Horse

Best. Vodka. Ever.

Icelandic Coffee Break, you know, because of the vodka.

Leif Ericsson & Hallgrímskirkja Church

It’s the little touches that makes the Kovsin Hotel so great.

Gullfoss, The Golden Waterfall

Reykjavik by Day

Golden Landscapes


Instagramming Iceland  has been brought to you by KeepGoliterally. Thanks to their global 3G data coverage I have been able to easily bring you these pictures and words while I bounce my way across the globe. For information on how you can get your own KeepGo SIM card see below:

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  1. Avatarsays: Anglo Italian

    Amazing shots Shaun! You really make us want to go Iceland so badly 🙂

  2. Avatarsays: Phil Sampson

    I am kicking myself for not stopping in Iceland on my way to Europe last summer. Another place to consider now!

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