Touring the Giants Causeway – Science or Fiction?

On the very tippy top of Northern Ireland sits the strangest geological rock formation I have ever seen – the Giants Causeway. After a day touring the Giants Causeway I could see why early settlers conjured up stories of giants wrecking havoc on the area. Here’s why:

Science or Fiction?

Possibly the greatest thing about touring the Giants Causeway is the inclusion of both fact and fiction in how they came to be. Upon arriving at the very modern and interactive welcome center you will find exhibits and displays covering the scientific reasoning to these odd octagon shaped steps. Millions of years ago blah blah blah…Like many, I prefer the storytelling side and thankfully this has been well preserved. Grabbing an audio guide (included in admission) I headed out while listening to stories of angry Giants and camels in the hills.

Touring the Giants Causeway
Spot the shapes! Rock formations take many forms as I found on my audio tour.

As you continue down the path you will hear the story of how Finn McCool was fed up with Benandonner, a Scottish giant harassing Ireland. Not one to back down from a fight (or is he?), Finn begins hurling chunks of rock into the sea building a pathway to his Scottish foe. Turns out Benandonner is massive. With the aid of his wife disguising him as a baby, Finn runs and hides. When the angry giant sees how big the baby is he fleas back to Scotland and destroys the path in fear that the father must be the real deal.

How great is that?

Touring the Giants Causeway

Touring the Giants Causeway

Mind Blowing

Touring the Giants Causeway in person, you can understand why these myths exist – it truly looks man-made. How could it not be? Pillars and steps out into the sea can only be described as mind-blowing. Even though I had read the scientific reasoning of how the rock formation came to, I still wandered around confusingly asking myself “how?” and picturing an angry giant smashing his way back to Scotland.

See it to Believe it

Of course, touring the Giants Causeway is much more than mythical creatures and geological reasoning. Along the audio guide, you’ll hear how the area has been attracting curious visitors for over generations and how it continues to impress visitors today. As I found on my European Road Trip with Auto Europe Car Rentals, touring the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland can be easily done from Belfast and Dublin. With nearby attractions like the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and the Bushmills Distillery, touring the Giants Causeway is a great part of an Ireland road trip.

 Touring the Giants Causeway Good to Know

Cost: Free although the visitors center is £9 and includes parking.
Includes: Audio guide, visitor center access.
Don’t Miss: the walk from the visitor center to Giant’s Causeway. ~20 min but gives you time to listen to the myths!

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