5 Game of Thrones Filming Locations Straight out of Westeros

Bummed about the massive gap between Game of Thrones season? Worry not nerds, you can get your G.O.T. fix by visiting these 5 Game of Thrones filming locations.

Take me to Westeros

Game of Thrones is known for selecting the coolest filming locations on the planet. Ironically, this plays into the time it takes to film a season. Although there are plenty of iconic locations to chose from, this list of Game of Thrones filming locations is reserved to ones that will help you forget about what’s to come and have you thinking you are in the mythical land of Westeros.

1) Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Top Tours

First up on this list of iconic Game of Thrones filming locations has to be the old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia. This walled city has been heavily used in the series. Walking within (or on top) its walls you will be instantly transported to King’s Landing.

For a shot by shot tour of Dubrovnik consider taking a guided tour with ACCESS Dubrovnik. They specialize in Game of Thrones tours of the town and can take you that much more behind the scenes of some of the series most memorable moments.

2) Mdina, Malta


Speaking of Kings Landing, Mdina was set as the original Game of Thrones filming locations. Walking through its medieval walls it is easy to see why.

The walled city of Mdina goes as far back as 870. Although nowhere near the sea (possibly why Dubrovnik took over as the King’s Landing Game of Thrones filming locations), it was strategically built to overlook the island and has withstood many attacks over the years. Today Medina is home to about 300 people, zero cars, and is the best preserved and most significant sites on the island.

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3) The Dark Hedges, Northen Ireland

To follow the King’s Road you will need to head to Northern Ireland. Amongst the surrounding farms and greenery, you will find over 150 Beech trees lining the path to the Gracehill House. Anyone familiar with the show will have a hard time seeing it and not thinking about Game of Thrones and the path to King’s Landing.

  • Need a lift? I used Auto Europe to get around Ireland and highly recommend!

4) Larrybane, Northern Ireland

With its one of its main sound stages found just past the Titanic Musem in Belfast, it should come as no surprise that the surrounding area is utilized heavily in the series. A little further north from the Dark Hedges you will find yourself on the Causeway Coast, an area extensively used as Game of Thrones filming locations.

Walking up and down the coast you will get a great appreciation for why. It’s rough, rugged, and straight out of Westeros.

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5) Iceland

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Not surprisingly, if you want to head north of the wall you will need to visit Iceland. With no shortage of cool things to see and do, a trip to Iceland is never a bad thing. Game of Thrones fans will find it especially appealing for its many filming locations.

How to do Reykjavik in 3 Days 18

Many of these Game of Thrones filming locations are just off the country circling ring road. From the gorge at Þingvellir where the White Walkers roam to the cave in Grjótagjá where Jon Snow and Ygritte got it on, Iceland has plenty of G.O.T. locations to keep even the biggest fan happy.

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Head to Westeros

There you have it. 5 Game of Thrones filming locations that are sure to make you feel like you are smack dab in Westeros. From Kings Landing to life beyond the wall, there is no shortage of great locations to get your Game of Thrones fix before the next season.

What say you?
Did I miss any Game of Thrones filming locations that truly make you feel like you are in Westeros?
Let’s hear it!

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