A Photo Walk Around Bergen, Norway

Bergen Norway, a gateway to breathtaking fjords and home to mighty Vikings. While in the area visiting a friend (whom I almost killed with curry, but that’s another story) I had the opportunity to walk around Bergen on a beautiful fall day. From the crooked houses of Bryggen to Festplassen Park, Norway’s second-largest city feels more like a quiet fishing village.

Here’s how it looks.

Shimmering Harbor

My walk around Bergen began at the ferry terminal on the south side of the harbor. Wandering from There you will find the tourism office, fish market, and a great view of the historic buildings of Bryggen. Although the fish market has been commercialized and moved indoors (in the winter at least) since the last time I visited, you can’t beat the views while enjoying a local snack.

My day continued with the stroll through Bryggen. This UNESCO Heritage Site is a collection of old timber homes constructed on the site of where the city was founded in 1070…almost a millennium ago! Today these crooked houses are home to restaurants, museums, cafés, and shops. Don’t miss coffee at Bastant Bryggen and a $20 beer in one of the pubs!

And the rest

My stroll around Bergen continued with walks down pedestrian streets and a stroll through Festplassen Park. For me, the train station is a walk around Bergen highlight, as is the Bergenhus fortress and St. Mary’s Church. Although the weather was pretty good on my walk around Bergen I didn’t hike up (or tram ride) Ulriken, the cities highest mountain. I did this on my last visit and it gives an incredible view of Bergen and its surroundings. Don’t miss it.

 A Walk Around Bergen

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