Hong Kong bound

S o…I’m going to Asia for a little bit. Hong Kong bound to be exact. As quick as the games came and went, so did this trip. Tokyo was always the plan but with a travel itch that needed to be scratched and a break between jobs, going two weeks earlier just made sense. So with little time to plan or think about it we are off to Vietnam via Hong Kong…Holly Shit.

The mad dash to pack was even more pressed as my work vehicle was broken into on my way back from spending a couple weeks in Whistler. Mad rush to get a new camera, laptop and underwear (they even stole a bag full off dirty underwear and socks!) followed.

Gone with my laptop was a write up on my second week at the games and my time at the parolympics. No worries, I have a 13 hours to make up for it.

More to come…

Hong Kong bound.


Guangdong on Dwellable

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