Eating Kobe Beef in Osaka…Sort of

Eating Kobe Beef in Osaka…sort of 6

Interested in trying Kobe Beef in Osaka? Did you know that there is a equally tasty and more affordable option? Read on.

Kobe beef is a beautiful thing. Rich flavour and a beautiful marble from a life of being fed beer and massages. I mean if all I did was get massages all day and drink beer I would be well marbled too…wait. Sounds like my time in Thailand.

Although I had tried Kobe beef before (in Argentina of all places), being so close to the source I had to indulge. Traveling on a budget I quickly found that eating Kobe beef in Osaka would be pricey. Thankfully I found alternatives.

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The Tempura Incident

With my pocket still bleeding from what will forever be known as the “tempura incident” (more on that later) I was left searching out Kobe Beef alternatives. As I found, Kobe beef refers to cows that come from the Kobe area which is just outside of Osaka. There is a vigorous checklist involved which has made the name famous and therefore demands a higher price. This high price led me to Matsusakagyu, a perfect Kobe beef in Osaka alternative.

Gold battered tempura anyone?

Where to Find Matsuzakagyu Beef

We ended up at Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku M, partially for its name but also because it came highly recommended from both our hostel and TripAdviser. This mid-range Kobe beef alternative has several locations with one being just off the Shinsaibashi shopping arcade.

The Results

Although I was not technically eating Kobe Beef in Osaka, Matsuzakagyu is amazing. The marble texture provided a melt-in-your-mouth experience at a fraction of the cost. For around $80 two people were happily fed with several prime cuts of Matsuzaka beef, a helping of tongue, and two pieces of lightly seared beef nigiri.


A far cry from the $400 I dropped on stupid tempura…but let’s not talk about that just yet.

For savings without compromise on taste, Matsuzakagyu was a great Kobe beef alternative. The buttery taste and only seconds on the grill is unlike anything I’ve had before and would be interesting to try side-by-side with Kobe beef.

Till then, let’s just savour this moment.


What say you?
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    We have “kobe” beef in Australia but it is not to the same standards as Japan. I think the real stuff would be no comparison. Pricey too.

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