Looking for The Best Sushi in Vancouver? Here’s One Sushi Loving Local’s Take.

Vancouver is home to some of the best sushi restaurants in the world, and this isn’t me playing favourites as I call Vancouver home. The combination of high-quality ingredients and a large population of Japanese culinary expert’s has put Vancouver at the forefront of sushi eats. From cheap and quick to locally loved joints, there is something for everyone. With that in mind here is my list of five restaurants that offer the best sushi in Vancouver. 


Where to find the best sushi in Vancouver

When looking for the best sushi in Vancouver, Tojo’s tops the list. I highlight this must-try Vancouver sushi restaurant for the simple fact that modern-day sushi would not exist without Hidekazu Tojo. He is the man who came up with the inside out roll, specifically the California and B.C. rolls.

When Tojo came to Vancouver there were only four other Japanese eateries in the city. With locals being newly turned on to sushi he made his rolls more appealing by using nontraditional ingredients and putting rice on the outside of the nori paper. The result is easy to see as inside out rolls can be found at almost every type of sushi restaurant around the globe.

Featured on everything from Anthony Bourdain and Martha Stewart to 1000 Places to see you Before you Die, Tojo’s is well known as one of the places for the best sushi in Vancouver. That said, Tojo’s is a high-end experience and not cheap. One piece of tuna nigiri can run you roughly $30!

I was treated for my birthday and went omakase-style meaning I left the selection up to the chef. This is something Tojo is famous for. I had a great experience and enjoyed some Wagyu beef, however, the cost makes this place a treat. It’s not my go-to for the best sushi in Vancouver.

The Eatery (and General Public)

If Tojo’s is credited with bringing sushi to the masses by using nontraditional ingredients then The Eatery certainly wouldn’t exist without it! There’s nothing traditional about this place. Self-proclaimed as the funkiest place for Japanese food, the atmosphere of loud music, old movies on loop, and quirky paper-mâché sculptures certainly attest to this. What can only be described as “party sushi,” the menu is as unique as its surroundings.


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With rolls like Miss Piggy (bacon, scallops, and rocket) and Found Nemo (tempura crab, avocado, cream cheese, mango in a soy sheet) there is nothing plain about the food here. Also, the drink menu is great. Don’t miss the sake margaritas!

It’s Mount Pleasant located sister restaurant, General Public, also offers a similar quirky decor and menu.


Where to find the best sushi in Vancouver

Next up on this list of where to find the best sushi in Vancouver is my personal favourite, Toshi’s. If deep-fried rolls and loud music aren’t for you, head to Toshi’s. This Mount Pleasant favourite (and my absolute favourite) serves the best sushi in the city at incredible prices. This traditional sushi restaurant consistently has some of the freshest fish in the city. Their Toro never disappoints and the oshizushihako (pressed sushi) is great. Also, try the  Nasu dengaku – eggplant baked in a miso sauce. Ask for it half sweet!

A word of warning, Toshi’s is very popular and very small. Therefore the wait can be long. Arrive early, put your name on the list, and head to The Five Points for a pint of Vancouver craft beer.


Where to find the best sushi in Vancouver

Sticking with traditional restaurants, Hi-Nippon makes the list of the best sushi in Vancouver for its fresh ingredients and use of black rice. Although you can get black rice at most restaurants in the city, Hi-Nippon does it best. Try it with their wild salmon and avocado roll and tell me I’m wrong!


Last up on this list of five must-try restaurants for the best sushi in Vancouver is the high-end Minami. Located in Yaletown, this popular spot attracts Hollywood celebrities while filming in the city. What makes Minami a must-try spot? Their creative and crazy good Aburi sushi, or most specifically the secret sauce used on them. Although one order can run you up to $28, these pressed and flame-seared creations are melt-in-your-mouth good.

Room for more? If your pocket can handle it try their Waygu Nigiri!

Carp ( Honourable mention)

With so many Vancouver sushi restaurants to try it is hard to leave out another personal favourite – Carp. This tiny shop is in Mount Pleasant and run by a couple from Hiroshima. Carp is a homage to the baseball team there and evident with the logo and memorabilia behind the till.

Although they offer some sushi rolls, it is their creative and fresh Poke bowls that won me over. The straight-up Tuna Poke with added kimchi is a personal favourite. At ~$8 per the price is right!

So Where’s the Best Sushi in Vancouver?

From celebrity loved eateries to party sushi to the chef that brought sushi to the masses, Vancouver has no shortage of restaurants to try.  This is my list of the best sushi in Vancouver but there is so much more to explore. Let me know your favourite in the comments below!

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Where to find the best sushi in Vancouver

Looking for The Best Sushi in Vancouver? Here\'s One Sushi Loving Local\'s Take.
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