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After months on the road it came time to take a break and live like a local. When searching for a place to settle down and to catch up on work I could not think of a better place then to live in Chiang Mai. Here’s why:

Cost and Convenience

Main reason I chose to live in Chiang Mai was the cost. Sure there’re cheaper places in Thailand to live but Chiang Mai has all the conveniences as well. Within the four block radius around my $500 per month apartment (that was a splurge) I had my favorite coffee shop, street eats, juice bar, market, and self-service laundry facilities. My routine of gym, coffee, lunch, juice, dinner with writing in between cost me about $7 a day.



Northern Thai Food

I love me some Thai food, Northern Thai food to be exact. So much so that it was a big factor in why decided to live in Chiang Mai. From the cooking class I took to street food favorites like Khao Soi and Sai Oua, to live in Chiang Mai is to eat Chiang Mai. So many regional dishes and so very affordable as I found eating on the street is cheaper than cooking at home.



Night Markets

As I found out in my first visit to Chiang Mai, the street markets are not to be missed. Tying in the convenience factor we lived around the corner from the Saturday night market, which proved to be a nice break from work.


Easy Living

Lasting why I decided to live in Chiang Mai, Life is good there. People are friendly, the weather is warm, and the price is right. This laid-back style was just what I needed after 30 days, 3 continents, and 10 countries traveled. Between my gym, coffee, eating, and writing regiment there was happy hour drinks at our almost private pool, talks with other ex-pats over chilled Changs, and foot massages steps from our apartment.


Yes life is good when you live in Chiang Mai.

What say you?
Thoughts on why I decided to Live in Chiang Mai?
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  1. Avatarsays: Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I recently got back from Chiang Mai and I could easily live there. it was my favourite part of Thailand.

  2. Avatarsays: Lori

    Hi Shaun, We’ll be in Langkawi next April 2018 and I’d love to add on time for Chiang Mai. I hear April is burn season, how bad is it? Should we reconsider and pick a different destination in Southeast Asia. I’ll actually be working in Langkawi and my husband will join me for a personal time after my business trip. We’re considering Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bhutan, even Australia – although we’d prefer to focus on SE Asia. Thank you for any input! Lori

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