5 More Awesome Things to do in Cape Town

I recently tried to capture Cape Town’s coolness through a guest post on Nomadasaurous.com and failed. Sure, I covered the must-dos like heading up Table Mountain, climbing Lions Head, and catching a rugby match, however, there is just so much to see and do in this amazingly scenic and energetic city. One post just isn’t enough. So here we are with 5 more awesome things to do in Cape Town.

If you don’t get it by now, I really love this city. Hopefully, after this, you will too.

Stroll  Bo Kapp


Once the city’s segregated area for the Cape Malay, Today Bo Kapp is the city’s best place to take a colorful walk. With houses that date back to the 1760s, this historic district is bright and unique. The streets are cobblestone and the houses are painted incredible colours – from bright lime greens and canary yellows to sky blue and bubble-gum pink. For this reason, Bo-Kaap is a photographers heaven – amateur or professional, there are seemingly endless opportunities to capture this colourful neighborhood.

And why the colours? Well, there are a few reasons that seem to circulate. Initially, we were told that the bright colours were in celebration of the former slaves emancipation while others were saying that since many of the new homeowners didn’t have much money, they simply used whatever colour was cheapest. The most commonly believed (and most likely even though no one seems really sure when it started) is the colours of Bo-Kaap are in honor of Ramadan – the Islamic month of fasting.

At the end of Ramadan, the Eid al-Fitr celebration takes place and it is customary to dress up in bright colours – a tradition that has seemingly transferred over to the houses themselves.

Free walking tours of Bo-Kaap area are readily available, but it is also an easy place to stroll on your own if you prefer to move at your own pace. Regardless, if you visit Cape Town, be sure to check out the Bo-Kaap. It’s truly a gem of the rainbow nation and an awesome thing to do in Cape Town!

Eat Local

Awesome Things to do in Cape Town

One of the reasons I decided to temporarily call Cape Town home was the awesome food scene. On top of being cheaper to eat out than cook for in, there is an emphasis on local and fresh throughout the city. My routine of handcrafted flat whites in the morning and freshly squeezed juice in the afternoon brought me joy. Although this was a factor in calling Cape Town home, it’s hardly an awesome thing to do.

What lands it on this five more awesome things to do in Cape Town list is the fact that you can sample all of the amazingly tasty local animals. From lean and bunless ostrich burgers at the Wellness Warehouse to bbq warthog riblets at Arnold’s (aka “Pumba ribs” and spoiler alert, he tastes like meaty bacon!), Cape Town is delicious.

Awesome Things to do in Cape Town

Even springbok, the national animal, is on the list. This seemed really odd to me but then I tried springbok carpaccio and was sold. And don’t forget the biltong, South Africa’s delicious answer to beef jerky!

Pet an Ostrich

A Day Trip to Cape point with PG tops Tours 3
PG Tops Tours – Living dangerously.

For those that like to play with their food check out one of Cape Town’s surrounding Ostrich farms. I visited Cape Point Ostrich Farm while touring Cape Point. There you will find ostrich everything. From leather goods to hand-painted massive eggs, they have it. Guided tours are available and you can even buy a feed bag and interact at your own risk with these awkwardly awesome flightless birds.

Chill at St. James Beach

Awesome Things to do in Cape Town

St.James beach has been attracting locals for over 100 years and is known for its colorful changing stations. Although soaking up some sun is hardly awesome, wadding in shark infested water sure is. If you venture past the tidal pool and shark netting (but why would you?) keep an eye out for the high-tech shark guidance i.e a coloured flag system run by spotters. Red is good. Black is unkown. Red is trouble. White is too late!

Visit Robin Island

Visiting Robben Island - More than Cape Town’s Alcatraz 14

Last up on this list of Five More Awesome Things to do in Cape Town is visiting Nelson Mandela’s former jail cell on Robben Island. Again, I wouldn’t consider this an awesome thing to do but it is a must. Tours of the island and jail are given by former inmates and make it chilling and human, to say the least. Visiting places like this and acknowledging them is key to moving forward and never repeating man’s most shameful mistakes. On top of being an eye-opening experience, the view of Cape Town from the ferry and island is beautiful.


Even More Things to Do in Cape Town

There you have it, my now extensive list of awesome things to do in the Mother City. Cape Town truly is a gem of a destination with no shortage of things to see, do, and experience. If you find yourself lucky enough to visit South Africa you will have plenty to keep you busy.

Need more excuses to visit this awesome city? See my guest posts on 10 Awesome Things to do in Cape Town!

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