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While visiting the incredibly attractive city of Cape Town I had the chance to head out to Cape Point with PG Tops Tours– a private tour company with a focus on personal experiences. It was a day filled with ridiculous scenery, detours, giant birds, and tiny elephants. Here’s how it went:


Our day started from the 12 Apostles, our accessible luxury hotel in Cape Town. I originally planned our Cape Point tour from this hotel as I had it in my mind that it was a ways out of town and towards the point. This thought was nullified by the fact that the 12 Apostles is a short hop from Cape Town and forest fire had shutdown most direct roads to Cape point. Nevertheless, we were collected by PG Tops Tours host Yolanda, an energetic Afrikaans woman with a passion for Cape Town and its surroundings.

Scorched earth just behind the 12 Apostles Hotel
Scorched earth just behind the 12 Apostles Hotel

Cape Point Choice

The cool thing about doing a private tour with PG Tops Tours is there is no set itinerary. Yolanda gave us a run down and suggestions but ultimately let us choose how we wanted to experience Cape Point. This is a fresh change from hopping on a tour bus with 30 other people and being forced to go to some tourist traps along the way. Not with PG Tops Tours.

Hout Bay
PG Tops Tours stop 1 – Hout Bay

Small World

After a detour and a stop at Hout Bay we headed off to Cape point. Along the way we stopped at a roadside coffee stand Yolanda had been wanting to check out. Turns out this super random (and super scenic) coffee stand was run by a South African who had spent a few years working at a fishing lodge in Canada. Why do I point this out? It was the same fishing lodge my parents met at 40+ years ago. Canada’s huge and this lodge is pretty remote so the coincidence is crazy.

Well played PG Tops Tours. Butter me up with completely random coincidences.


PG Tops Tours winning me over with complete randomness.

We continued on backtracking through the city because of the fires. Evidence of the destruction was everywhere. From scorched hillsides to burnt signs, Cape Town was having a tough go.

Big Birds

We made a stop at an ostrich farm which proved to be one of the most entertaining visits of the day. We wandered the shop (which sells everything ostrich) before buying some food to feed these giant and delicious birds. Hilarity ensued.

PG Tops Tours - Living dangerously.
PG Tops Tours – Living dangerously.

To the Point

Our drive along Cape point was ridiculously scenic which resulted in a slow pace. We arrived at Cape of Good Hope, the most Southwestern point in Africa, and took Yolanda’s suggestion the hike to Cape Point. The short walk was amazing and took way longer than it should have because of it. Can you blame me?

PG Tops Tours – To the Point

Tiny Elephants

Along the way Yolanda told us to lookout for dassies, small rodent like creature with a secret that she was to reveal to us on the other side. With her aloof manor we ended up stopping several times to photograph the heck out of these fuzzy creatures thinking they are rare. They are not. Yolanda’s tidbit of information on the dassies is that they are actually the closest relative an elephant has.


PG Tops Tours – Let’s see an elephant sit here.

Our day trip with PG Tops Tours continued with a stop in Simons town, a quaint seaside village known for a nearby penguin colony. After a cute visit to the penguins of Simons Town (more to follow on this side trip) we had lunch then back to Cape Town.

Choose PG Tops Tours

Having the freedom to choose how our day with PG Tops Tours went was a wonderful thing. Yolanda was warm, welcoming, and passionate about her town and country. This was a refreshing change from what every expat had to say about South Africa. There was no pressure or forced stops at tourist traps, something all to common on group tours. There was also no shitty restaurant to have lunch at. PG Tops Tours is all about the customer and giving the best Cape Point experience possible.

And isn’t that how it should be?

Day trippin to Cape Point with PG Tops Tours

What say you?
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Although I was provided a tour at a discounted rate with PG Tops Tours,
the experience, opinions, and custom tour are my own.

So how does this tour rank?

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