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Is there anything more adorable than a penguin? Cats? They are cute but man are they assholes. Baby cheetahs? Sure, until they are elbow-deep in a wildebeest. Newborn babies? “Oh my gosh little so-and-so is precious,” said everyone who is just being polite. So we land on penguins. Awkward and adorable penguins. While touring South Africa’s Cape Point with PG Tops Tours I got to visit the penguins of Simons Town and observe them in their natural (sort of) habitat.

As expected, it was awesome.

Penguins Paradise

The penguins of Simons Town can be found a short and scenic 45 km from Cape Town. This penguin-assisted paradise was created after a pair of penguins arrived in 1982. Today a colony of over 2000 “Jackass” penguins of Simons Town call the Boulder Beach area home and has become a major tourist destination where these guys can thrive.

Penguins of Simons Town
Penguins of Simons Town
Penguins of Simons Town

Assisted Living

Along the walkway you will find several manmade nests for the penguins of Simons Town to have their fuzzy little babies in. A pretty cushy upbringing but one that has helped the penguins colony grow. We were lucky enough to see some of the spoiled grey and fluffy young while visiting as well as some in their rebelling teenage phase.

Penguins of Simons Town
The fuzzy freeloaders
Penguins of Simons Town
The penguins of Simons Town – beach life.
Penguins of Simons Town
Penguins of Simons Town

Worth the Trip (or dip)

A drive out to Boulder Beach to see the penguins of Simons Town is a must-do while visiting Cape Town. The admission is minimal (R60) and the experience is great. If watching the penguins from an elevated walkway isn’t close enough for you I have heard rumours that Foxy Beach around the corner is a great place to go for a swim alongside a penguin or two. I can’t confirm this but it’s true it is awesome – except for the sharks of course.

Turns out I could have swam with these adorable jackasses.

Penguines of Simons Town Good to Know

Cost: 60 Rand for Adults, 30 for kids
Get there: This stop is part of PG Tops Cape Point Tour
Don’t Miss: All of the penguins! A swim at Foxy Beach

What say you?
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the experience, opinions, and missed opportunity to swim with penguins are my own.

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