Getting on top Table Mountain – Cape Town’s Towering Backdrop


Getting on top Table Mountain

Table Mountain is as a beauty. It towers unlike any mountain I have ever seen. Apparently others agree as it was recently added as a New Natural Wonder of the World. I got to enjoy this wonder from below for a month and took in the views from on top table Mountain a couple times. Here’s how it looks:

On top Table Mountain - New 7 Wonder
On top Table Mountain – New 7 Wonder

Getting There

Before I share my view from on top Table Mountain let me share how to get there. Although there are city buses that can get you to the tram, taxi’s are cheap and Uber is cheaper (unless you take Uber Chopper!). For instance I was dropped off at the Table Mountain tram from my Once in Cape Town home for around 36 rand (~$3.50) I would later find that City Sightseeing Cape Town has a great sunset package on top Table Mountain that offers great value!

Enjoy the Ride

Since I drank too much at my first rugby match I missed out on climbing Table Mountain. The tram was a much better option:

Did I mention the cable car rotates 360 degrees?

Enjoy the View

Once on top of Table Mountain you will find a well-stocked restaurant, several vantage points, and seemingly endless hiking trails. But enough words. Here are the shots I got:

On top Table Mountain Good to Know

Here are some useful tips for getting on top table Mountain – some wish I had known prior to visiting!

  • If it is a clear Day, get on top Table Mountain! The “tablecloth” can cover it in seconds.
  • High winds and low clouds often stop trim service. Check ahead.
  • Sunsets on top Table Mountain are stunning. Note: Check schedule for the last tram down!
  • Bring warm clothes! It can be much cooler on top Table Mountain.
  • Bring ear protection! If you’re sensitive like me high winds and cold air can be painful on top Table Mountain.
  • Tram hours: Check schedule!
  • Tram cost: Varies! Check online!
  • Don’t Miss: The view! The dassies! They are tiny elephants!

What say you?
Thoughts on getting on top Table Mountain?
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