Why I Decided to Live in Cape Town

Why I Decided to Live in Cape Town 10

Why I Decided to Live in Cape Town

Big, fun, and exciting news people! I have decided to (temporarily) stop traveling and start living. No, I haven’t thrown in my travel towel or am too home sick to move. Stopping and living was always on the itineraryto live in Cape Town was not.

Time to Stop Doing and Start Working

As mentioned in my 2015 RTW Travel Plans we were to travel for 3 months then live somewhere to catch up on work and plan the next leg. Originally I was supposed to be in Europe by this time. The loose plan was to live in Istanbul as it is a place I fell in love with last year and it is very affordable to get to from Africa and very affordable to live in.  A funny thing happened when we got to Cape Town, we didn’t want to leave.

With views like this do I really need to explain why I decided to live in Cape Town?

With that here are a few reasons why we have decided to live in Cape Town:

Cape Town is Easy

To live in Cape Town is really easy. The city is laid back and low key. From getting around to ordering dinner, Cape Town is extremely easy to love. Uber has been great and the city core is so compact that walking around is never taxing. English is a national language so there is no struggle or headaches. This, of course, is not a big issue however after traveling for 3 months straight it is nice to settle in somewhere easy. The people are also super friendly and welcoming. We have made some wonderful and extremely helpful friends which made the decision to live in Cape Town that much easier.

Feels Like Home.

The similarities between my home of Vancouver and Cape Town are shocking. From the beautiful landscape of ocean and mountains to the hip and vibrant city culture, this place just feels like home.  At the end of the day (or 3 months of straight travel) if it feels like home then why not make it home? Do I really need to go on with why I have decided to live in Cape Town after that statement?


Coffee Culture and Craft Brew

Another similarity between Cape Town and Vancouver is the love of coffee and craft beer. As I will be spending the next couple weeks working in coffee shops and cafes, this is key. I am writing this from the patio of the hip coffee shop/bar directly below my temporary home which is both awesome and dangerous. The verdict is still out.


Food+Beer tasting. Love.

Healthy Living

The people of Cape Town are ridiculously fit and ridiculously attractive. After 3 months of fine dinning and being pampered, I am not. Although the sight of the beautiful Capetonians originally wanted to send me into hiding I am hoping the clean and healthy living rubs off. There are plenty of hikes to be had and healthy food to eat, I just need to make the time.

Bun-less ostrich burger. About as lean as it gets.


Namibia Bound

The last reason why I have decided to live in Cape Town (and perhaps most decisively) is the desire to visit Namibia. South Africa’s neighbour to the north has been shoved down our throats from everyone that we have told we are traveling with no plans – to the point where we have been offered free luxury accommodations. I told you people here are awesome! Sticking around to live in Cape Town has made it possible to see what all the fuss is about.

Where I Live in Cape Town

Much thanks to Once in Cape Town for putting us up in an apartment style room at a great rate. This hip hostel/hotel is ideally located for visiting the city as well as for those looking to live in Cape Town. Internet is fast and our room is cozy and comfortable. It has a work space (which also doubles as our bar) and it is walking distance from everything you need to live in Cape Town. Tons of great restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and grocery stores are within a block or two. There is also laundry services next door and a health food store to help put an end of 3 months of eating everything.

Our cozy apartment view.



With about 2 months of content to catch up on and another 3 months of travel to plan, I better get started. Good thing Once in Cape Town has made it very easy to work and live in Cape Town.

My Once in Cape Town office/bar.


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Although I was provided a discount at One in Cape Town while I live in Cape Town,
the opinions, experience and comforts of home are my own.

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  1. Avatarsays: Barry Tanner

    South Africa is on my list. Cape Town does look stunning. Congrats on the decision to be stationary for a moment or two!

  2. Avatarsays: John Caldwell

    Shaun, you will absolutely love Cape Town. It has come along way and is good to hear it is getting the recognition it deserves as a beautiful place to live.

    1. I already do John! There is definitely signs of the troubled past but the younger generation appears ready to change. I am thankful as it really is a great place!

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