Pingos, Inukshuks and Bears – A visit North of 60

Pingos, Inukshuks and Bears - A visit North of 60 9

Pingos, Inukshuks and Bears – visit North of 60

My second visit North of 60 got me as far up as Holmen which is located on the Arctic ocean. Again the travel perks of my job is a lot of fun. Holmen boasts the world’s most northerly 9 hole golf course…in the world. (see pic below)

Hole #9.
The club house (5 star hotel to be added in 2010)
Holmen beach?

Another interesting stop during my visit North of 60 was Tuktoyuktuk. Say that 10 times fast. Pictured in the background are 2 of the worlds largest pingo’s. What is a pingo you ask? No, it is not a fusion of bingo and table tennis that is sweeping the Inuit nation, it is a mountain of ice covered in dirt. Here is wikapidia to help:

“A pingo is a mound of earth-covered ice found in the Arctic, subarctic, and Antarctica that can reach up to 70 metres in height and up to 2 kilometres in diameter. The term originated as the Inuit word for a small hill. ”

So chew on that.

My last day I had to drive to Rae which is only about an hour out of Yellowknife. On the way home my vehicles driver side wiper decided to quit and then it started to rain. That was fun. My spine took on a question mark like form from looking out the passenger side while still driving. Thankfully there was some wild life to keep me entertained.

By the time the second black bear sighting I had become bored and restless from the slow drive back to YK…thus the bad commentary.

All in all a great visit North of 60.

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