5 Reasons Why I Will return to Cape Town


Cape Town is a wonderful, wonderful, city. I have covered this through many posts on the city and why I decided to live there temporarily. Even though I called Cape Town home for a month, there is still much I didn’t get to see and do. With that here are 5 reasons why I will return to Cape Town (and 5 reasons why you should go)

Play With Sharks

Shark cage diving has become THE biggest attraction for thrill seekers visiting the Cape Town…and I missed out. Although I had a tour lined up with Apex Shark Expeditions, the weather didn’t co-operate during my stay. Odd but getting scared to death while in the cold waters of the Southern Atlantic is the top reason why I will return to Cape Town.


Conquer Table Mountain

Climbing Table Mountain is another odd reason for me to return to Cape Town. As I noted, I almost died climbing Lions Head because of how out of shape I am, and that only took 45 minutes. Climbing Table Mountain is an all day affair and I missed out on it. I was suppose to take a guided trip up with Ridgeway Ramblers but a late night of drinking after my 1st rugby experience put an end to that. Probably for the best but I will return to Cape Town in better shape so I can conquer Table Mountain proper.

I will return to Cape Town to conquer you!

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See the Sights from Above

I have a love for seeing a city from above. In Dubai this meant heading up the Burj Khalifa and flying with HeliDubai. In Athens this meant hiking up the Acropolis. In London it was the London Eye. Cape Town was no different and that is why I was going to get an aerial view with NAC Helicopters – the best way to see Table Mountain, Cape Point, and the city. Again, the unpredictable weather put a kybosh to these spectacular sights. I can’t blame the weather 100% as I left it to my last day in town and I had already passed on Uber Chopper from my stay at the 12 Apostles. Next time! *Shakes fist in air angrily.


Head North

Another reason why I will return to Cape Town is to leave it for a couple days. While visiting we were told by several people to check out the Northwest for its landscape and laidback living. I had a press trip in the works through West Coast Way tourism but just couldn’t make it happen with my side trip to Namibia. Don’t make the same mistake as me! Contact West Coast Way for help planning an unforgettable escape from Cape Town.

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Hip Town

The last reason why I will return to Cape Town is the very reason why I decided to live there, its incredible vibe. This great city has funky cafes and restaurants as well as great bars and nightlife. Cape Town is an incredibly hip place and why I will return someday.

What say you?
Got another reason why I should return to Cape Town?
Let’s hear it!

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