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For a city that boasts some seriously cool (and massive) man-made structures, it sure is tough to get a good look at them. The World islands don’t look like much from the shore, same goes for the Palm Jumeirah – although you can walk around the latter, the effect of the palm shape is completely lost. You can get a glimpse of these islands from the observation deck of the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, although the view, as it was during my visit, can be hazy at best.  As for the Burj Khalifa tower itself, you could attempt to get that perfect picture from the ground but you will most likely strain your neck in the process.


Frustrated with seeing nothing but sand and shopping malls I enlisted the help of HeliDubai and their premium helicopter tours. What better way to get a birds-eye view of Dubai’s engineering marvels than by a comfy helicopter ride?

HeliDubai Helicopter taking off with tower in background

Explorer Dubai From Above

Our tour started early on a surprisingly mild day.  Flying conditions tend to be better in the morning, or at least that is what I was told.  Either way, we arrived at the Festival City helipad excited for our “Explorer” tour which is described as the following:

Departing from Dubai Festival City the 22-minute Explorer Tour follows the same route as the Heritage Tour over the historical Dubai Creek and the souks but also takes in the impressive Burj Al Arab hotel and the sail-shaped Jumeirah Beach Hotel as well as the Wild Wadi adventure water park. The popular Explorer Tour flies over The Palm Jumeirah, past the Atlantis The Palm Jumeirah and The World. Seen from the air The World is clearly visible as an impressive collection of islands that make up a map of the world. The Explorer Tour finishes back at Dubai Festival City.

HeliDubai Highlights

This brief but exhilarating HeliDubai tour features the following sights:

  • The World
  • Burj Al Arab
  • The Palm Jumeirah
  • Wild Wadi Atlantis Hotel
  • The Palm Jumeirah
  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel

After a short safety demonstration and some much-needed coffee and water, we were lifting off on our way to ticking off Dubai’s most famous sights.

Dubai skyline
The Burj Khaflia (in frame!) with the Burj Al Arab in the distance.
Burj Al Arab on hazy day taken from HeliDubai helicopter
Burj Al Arab – The Worlds only 7-star hotel. This is about as close as I will ever get. Thanks HeliDubai!
Atlantis hotel on the edge of the Palm Jumeirah from helicopter view
On the outermost edge of the Palm Jumeirah sits the Atlantis hotel and its super fun water park.
above a luxury yacht in Dubai with a jetski in the background
Seriously the largest yacht I have ever seen. Sadly HeliDubai did not take me down and land on one of its TWO helipads!
Downtown Dubai from a HeliDubai helicopter
Downtown Dubai as seen from above thanks to HeliDubai. Note the Burj Khalidfa is not in frame *Shakes fist angrily

Let HeliDubai get you a Better View

To truly appreciate the vision of the man-made islands and magnificent architecture one must take to Dubai’s calm skies. If you are in Dubai and are looking to get a better view of the city or are tired of the Dubai mall culture, let HeliDubai get you a better view. The staff is friendly and their pilots are professional and informative. Best of all, HeliDubai can prevent that sore neck by taking you up and over Dubai’s most famous accomplishments.

A couple poses for a photo in front of HeliDubai helicopter getting ready to take off

Helidubai on Facebook


Although I was provided an incredible view over Dubai complimentary from Helidubai,
the experience, opinions, and words are my own.

So how does this tour rank?

10 Guide (pilot)
10 Execution
10 Information
10 Value
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  1. Avatarsays: David Michell

    Looks like a great way to see the city. I have looked at the World and Palm Islands on Google maps and was blown away by the size.

  2. Avatarsays: Harly Smith

    I love a good helicopter ride and this looks like the ideal place for one. Thanks for sharing Shaun!

  3. Avatarsays: Steve Barber

    I got to see the palm and the islands flying in to Dubai. They were in the distance but could make out the shape. Maybe I need to go in for a closer look next time!

  4. Avatarsays: Laura @ Travelocafe

    Flying in a helicopter is always a great experience and a great opportunity for wonderful pictures… and I have to say you have definitely not missed the opportunity for great photography. You have taken some amazing pics! We have also taken recently some pictures from above London. I hope I will have the article ready soon, too. Once again, congrats on a fascinating photo shoot.

  5. Avatarsays: Aga amatteroftaste

    Great views (adding helicopter ride to my Dubai-to-do list} and that yacht – wow!

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