A Peek Inside the Cairo Gienah Lounge


Curious about what is Inside the Cairo Gienah Lounge? I was too and found a lounge that just does not stack up. Read on for why.

After spending a short layover touring the Pyramids of Giza I was looking forward to relaxing in the Cairo Gienah Lounge. In the end, I had a hard time killing a couple of hours. Here’s why:


Inside Cairo’s terminal 3 there are 4 business lounges. It was unclear if my Star Alliance ticket got me into all 4 as I was directed only to the one closest to my gate. Too tired to question I headed Inside the Cairo Gienah Lounge located on the 3rd floor of terminal 3.


The first thing I noticed once I stepped inside the lounge was the number of people. To their defence,  75% of the lounge was closed for cleaning. After 30 minutes or so we are able to stretch out.

Cairo Gienah Lounge

Amenities inside the Cairo Gienah Lounge were pretty basic with wi-Fi, computers, newspapers and magazines. Most notably I would say is the presence of toilet paper in the washroom – a luxury I noticed during my short stay in the airport.

Cairo Gienah Lounge

Food & Drink

If you are a fan of cocktail wieners, I know just the place! Inside you will find a smorgasbord of budget eats including cocktail wiener stew and cocktail wieners on stale bread. To be fair, this is Egypt. Still, I was a bit surprised because the food on my EgyptAir business class flight was decent.

How to Get in

With all other legs on my 9 business class flights for 90K points, access inside the Cairo Gienah Lounge was included with my ticket. Judging by how many families were inside as well, access can’t be expensive but also judging by my visit, not really worth it.

Unless of course you have a thing for cocktail wieners, or are in desperate need for toilet paper.

Good to Know

Includes: Snacks, wifi, coffee and tea.
Don’t Miss: TP in the bathrooms!

What say you?
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So how does the Cairo Gienah Lounge rank?

8 Amenities
4 Food & Drink
6 Comfort
7 Value
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