iHere Review: Never Lose Your Stuff Again!


Losing your keys is a pain in the ass…or so I’m told. This is something that has never been an issue for me. Not that I am bragging…but I am better than you. Now that I have said that out loud, I am sure to loose my keys for the very first time. Perfect as my friends at Nonda (makers of Zus!)sent me their answer to this common problem – the iHere 3 This little gadget is said to be the perfect companion for travel and day-to-day life. As I found in my iHere review, this accessory is so much more than a fancy key chain.

Here’s why:

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How iHere Works

The iHere 3 couldn’t be easier to use. Out of the package all you need to do it:

  • Charge it. iHere is the only rechargeable item locator in the word.
  • Download the iHere3 app
  • Sync the device to your phone
  • Lose you shit. 

The app runs in the background and can track the iHere up to 75 feet away. When you lose your keys (backpack, dog, child, or whatever else you attached it to) you simply open the app and click find. This sends a single to the iHere, starting an alarm that essentially says “here I am dumb dumb!”


iHere Review

So. Much. More.

The fact that the iHere is all about never losing your keys again was a bit lost on me. What I didn’t realize until doing this iHere review is that there is so much more to this little device. With the button on the iHere 3  you are one click away from:

  • finding where you parked
  • recording a voice memo
  • taking a selfie
  • AND…calling your misplaced phone!
iHere Review

Although quickly being able to record a voice memo is a nice feature (especially for this guitarist learning a new song), the last point is a HUGE bonus for me. Although I never seem to misplace my keys, losing my phone is a daily occurrence. Now, with a click of iHere’s button my phone rings instantly and I can retrieve it from the depths of my couch cushions.

How smart is that??

Wait a Tick…

As I found on my iHere review, this reverse feature only works in the app is open on the phone. Bummer. Another concern that popped up while doing this iHere review was that if you are forgetful enough to lose your keys (or phone!), what is stopping you from forgetting to charge your iHere device? Having an audible signal or letting the app know that the iHere is dying and allowing the iHere app to run in the background would be huge upgrades. I have brought this to Nonda‘s attention so maybe a future update will have these features.

iHere Review – The 2-Way Saviour

I haven’t even lost my keys yet or fully put this iHere review through the tests and I am on board with this device. Although the added bells and whistles (literally) are nice, being able to reverse the functionality and use it to find your phone is a wonderful thing.  So disconnect that land line because you will never need to call your cell phone from it again.

Also, taking hands-free selfies are pretty great too I guess…

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iHere Review

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the experience, opinions, and never losing my stuff again is my own.

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So how does the iHere 3 rank?

7 Function
10 Design
10 Ease of use
10 Value
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