Seeing Salzburg Beyond the Music – Unique Things to See and Do

Salzburg loves the fact that Mozart called it home. So much so that you will find his name and face on everything from key chains to pretzels. Add The Sound of Music in the mix and you have plenty of tourist traps to avoid. Not a music lover or just looking for something a little different? Don’t sweat. Seeing Salzburg beyond the music includes some of the city’s best highlights. More specifically:

What is There to Do in Salzburg?

Hanger 7 – Things that go Fast

On a completely non-music related note, Salzburg is home to energy drink giant Red Bull. With that comes Red Bull’ss obsession with all things fast. Hanger-7 is a museum dedicated to Red Bull’s toys including stunt planes, race cars, jet packs, and, the reason I came to this seeing Salzburg site, The Flying Bulls. What are the Flying Bulls? Only the most awesome collection of vintage aircraft (that still fly) on the planet.

In the collection is an F4U-4 Corsair, B-25 Mitchell, and my personal favourite, a very special P-38 Lightning. Some of the Flying Bulls were in maintenance the day I of my visit but Hangar-7 always has something amazing on display. This includes, if not being shared to other museums or at an air show, Felix Baumgartner’s flight suit, Ryan Dungey dirt bike, and a collection of high-performance race cars.

The best part, admission to this seeing Salzburg site is free of charge.

Stiegl Beer House and Brewery

Salzburg is also home to some incredible beer history. The Stiegl beer house has been keeping Austria and beyond happy for 500 years. Let that sink in, 500 years! At the original brewery site, you can take a tour through one of Europe’s oldest yet most modern and interactive brewery tours. Learn how local water is used without any filtration and how the mix of Austrian ingredients help create Stiegel’s unique blend. Follow this up with a tasting in the bar/restaurant and don’t forget the pretzels!

Note: admission, tasting and a gift are included with the use of the Salzburg card!

What Is There To See in Salzburg?

Last up on this seeing Salzburg beyond the music list is actually seeing Salzburg. The old town is beautiful and easily walkable. Wander the store lined pedestrian streets past Mozart’s birthplace, enjoy coffee (or gluhwein depending the season!) in Residenzplatz, or take the views from above it all at Hohensalzburg Castle. The cable car ride up offers amazing views of Salzburg and beyond and the ticket is included in with the Salzburg Card.

More than Mozart

As you can see, there is so much more to seeing Salzburg then Mozart and The Sound of Music. Of course, I’m not saying skip these things. Seeing Mozart’s childhood home and his actual pianos are pretty incredible. I’m saying be sure to see what else this city has to offer. The Salzburg Card is a great way to do this as it includes access to public transportation, museums, and even Mozart’s Home.

Seeing Salzburg Beyond the Music Good to Know

Salzburg Card: From 12 to 37 euro.
Includes: Transportation, museums, and access to seeing Salzburg beyond the music!

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