Sochi 2014 in 60 Seconds

Sochi 2014 in 60 Seconds

Here is a quick post to say we came, we saw, we drank, we celebrated and we left. No issues in Sochi 2014 for us other than lack of sleep which resulted in a cold. We went to two hockey games, long track finals, saw the Stanley Cup, and “Woo’d” our way onto CBC – Canada’s national broadcaster. For not wanting to spend anytime outside of the safety of the venues Erin did very well. We spent a good portion of our time at the train station, a place the media said to avoid. They had good WiFi so Erin seemed to change her tune. Made friends with a gay couple from the Netherlands. They did not get beat up. Had diner with a couple girls from St. Petersburg which was great. Got their view on things and insight on why every Russian has “bitchy resting face.” By the end of the meal they were all smiles.

I was hoping to have a write up done on my time in Sochi 2014 by now but am honestly having a tough time making up my mind about the place. That and I have been busy enjoying the warmth of central Turkey. Until then here is a quick video on our visit to the Sochi 2014 Olympics. Note music is by Gogol Bordello and all credit goes to them for the awesome Russian influenced song “Start wearing purple.”

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