Winter Olympic Sites I Have Visited

With my visit to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics coming to an end I thought I would start a list of all the Winter Olympic sites that I have been to as well as the remaining ones on the list left to see. I have made it a travel bucket list goal to visit all the Winter Olympic sites and although I have attended the last 3 games in a row, I have many places to go.

     The Complete Winter Olympic Site List

    I1924FranceChamonix, France
    II1928Switzerland St. Moritz, Switzerland
    III1932Lake Placid, United States
    IV1936Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
    V1948Switzerland St. Moritz, Switzerland
    VI1952Norway Oslo, Norway
    VII1956Italy Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy
    VIII1960United States Squaw Valley, United States
    IX1964Austria Innsbruck, Austria
    X1968France Grenoble, France
    XI1972Sapporo, Japan
    XII1976Austria Innsbruck, Austria
    XIII1980United States Lake Placid, United States
    XIV1984Sarajevo, Yugoslavia
    XV1988Canada Calgary, Canada
    XVI1992France Albertville, France
    XVII1994Norway Lillehammer, Norway
    XVIII1998Nagano, Japan
    XIX2002United States Salt Lake City, United States
    XX2006Italy Turin, Italy
    XXI2010Canada Vancouver, Canada
    XXII2014Russia Sochi, Russia
    XXIII2018South Korea Pyeongchang, South Korea

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    1. Avatarsays: Steve Barber

      That’s an ambitious goal! There’s a few random locations on there. Not like the summer games where they are held in major cities.

      1. Avatarsays: shaun_robertson

        For sure! I almost made it to Lillihammer 2006 but was out of the way. Going to be tricky for some places for sure.

      1. Avatarsays: shaun_robertson

        I have been to a few places in Europe and North America that have hosted but have never attended a Summer Games. Maybe Rio?

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