Sleeping My Way Around the World

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Sleeping My Way Around the World

Sleeping my way around the world when I was in my 20’s meant something totally different than what it does now. Of course I’m talking about the cramped and crowded dorm rooms and hostels that I once stayed in. What did you think I meant? Although my taste for travel accommodations has changed that doesn’t mean I don’t stay in budget hotels or hostels anymore. I still do, I’m just wiser and pick the best and most comfortable options available. What I really like seeking out are interesting hotels, villas, and even odd accommodation options to feature on this site.

Your hotel accommodations play a huge part in your overall enjoyment of your trip so why not make the most of it?

From sleeping in a cave fit for posh Flintstones to infinity pools in beautiful Koh Samui I have been very fortunate sleeping my way around the world so far. My goal is to fill this map with awesome and unique accommodations across the globe. Scroll through and check out my write-ups and articles on the best hotels and boutique villas from my recent trips and be sure to check back as I will be updating this “Sleeping My Way Around The World” list as I go!

    I am constantly searching for the most unique and travel friendly hotels and accommodations out there. If you have a property that you would like featured on my sleeping my way around the world list then let’s talk!

    For an idea of where I will be next check out my “SEE YOU SOON” page. Even if I won’t be in your area soon, let’s chat! Life is unpredictable and so is my travel itinerary!

    Note: I am currently booking my 2015 round the world trip and I’m looking for sponsors and partners all over the globe!

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    1. Avatarsays: Janet Newenham

      Just came across your site and have just subscribed! I think we may have stayed in some similar places…love your ‘cave’ description. I really should review more of the places I have stayed in around the world..maybe this blog will give me the push!

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