The Oddest Thing in Bangkok is…

The Oddest Thing in Bangkok is... 2


With all the odd things to see and do in Bangkok, who would have thought the strangest would be a golf course? With lady boys, flying ping-pong balls, and scorpions on a stick I new Bangkok had its share of strange – but this oddly placed golf course takes the cake.

If you would have told me that I wouldn’t see the oddest thing in Bangkok until I was leaving I would have called you crazy. But there I was, jaw dropped and confused staring out the window of a 737 barreling down a Don Muang Airport runway. All because of the strangest set of greens ever. Smack dab in between two runways is the Kantarat golf course, surely one of the most unique in the world. Only in Bangkok can you enjoy a full par 72/18 hole course while  jumbo jets come and go. I chuckled to myself as I envisioned a tournament attendant holding up one of those “quiet please” signs and then the surrounding jets powering down to oblige.

Oddest thing in Bangkok pic via pds.exblog

I was in too much shock to get a picture of my own as we whizzed passed on take off. Don Muang airport – the now the quieter of the two in the city, is home to the oddest thing in Bangkok that I saw. It is run/secured by the Royal Thai Air Force…so security is legit. That said, you actually cross sections of the tarmac to get to your next hole!


One thing I do know is the next time I am in Thailand I’m going to give this oddest thing in Bangkok golf course a go – although my wicked slice should have me considering otherwise. Do you jumbo jets here four?!

Until next time Bangkok.

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  1. Avatarsays: Steve Barber

    I have heard about this course. You have to wait for jets to pass sometimes so you can reach your next hole. Only in Thailand?

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