This Life in Trips is Heading to India! Here’s What’s on Tap

Heading to India has long been on my travel bucket list. I had planned to tour India while travelling for 14 months straight, however, the stars did not align and my visit was shelved. Now, thanks to a partnership with the Deccan Odessey, India is my next big adventure…and I can not wait!

What is the Deccan Odessey?

This Life in Trips is Heading to India

If you have been following along you will know that I love a good train trip. I have travelled on the most luxurious train in the world in South Africa, had a very Canadian experience crossing my homeland by train, and most recently, enjoyed the world’s finest foodie train in Portugal. Yes, I love trains so naturally covering India by rail was high on my list. Thanks to the Deccan Odessey I get to do just that.

What is the Deccan Odessey exactly? Well in their own words…

Since the advent of railways in India, train journeys have been synonymous with enigma and allure. It was common practice for the British aristocracy and Indian Royalty to travel in the luxury of their private palaces on wheels. This legacy of princely sojourns across the wilderness, mountains and deserts of India is now continued by the Deccan Odyssey. Its captivating journeys beautifully cover the exotic landscape of India, for an experience that’s hard to forget.

So very sold.

Mumbai to Delhi in Style

This Life in Trips is Heading to India

A funny thing happened in regards to my desire to see India. As I got older, the appeal of heading to India and navigating the chaos on my own became less and less appealing. For my first India experience, I am more than OK to do it in style and comfort. The India Sojourn trip from Mumbai to Delhi will be the perfect way for me to get a taste of India and allowing me to decide what to tackle on my own later.

This Life in Trips is Heading to India

What’s on tap for this trip? Have a look at the route below and the map at the bottom of this post!

This Life in Trips is Heading to India

Heading to India and Beyond

This Life in Trips is Heading to India

Although heading to India is the main reason for this trip, there is no sense in going all that way and not seeing Sri Lanka and the Maldives as well!

After being pampered through India we will be checking out the street food of Old Delhi with Delhi Food Walks. Belly full, I head to Sri Lanka to search out why it is listed as Lonely Planets top travel choice for 2019! Keeping with the theme of this trip I will be taking another train trip, this time between Kandy and Ella which has been dubbed as one of the most scenic train routes in the world!

This Life in Trips is Heading to India

From there it is time to tick off one last bucket list item – sleeping in an overwater villa in The Maldives!

This Life in Trips is Heading to India

This Life in Trips Heading to India – Bonus Stops

Shooting Shibuya with Eyexplore Tokyo 2

As if the above itinerary isn’t enough, with some crafty Aeroplan skills I have also added stops in Tokyo and Singapore as well! On top of that, all but one of my flights are in business class and cost ~$350 in taxes and fees! Stay tuned for an upcoming post where I will break down exactly how I was able to book this once-in-a-lifetime trip!

So what does this epic trip look like in the end? Click through the map below!

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