How to make the best out of your UK motorhome trip

Travelling is one of the most joyful activities people can do. It opens eyes on new cultures and helps you progress as a human being. There are many ways in which you can explore the world, plains, ships, trains, but perhaps the most underrated and most comfortable way to travel is by a motorhome. The simplicity and freedom of a motorhome trip is something you should try at least once in a lifetime. Here are tips and tricks to make the best out of your UK motorhome trip.

The best motorhome

Renting or buying a motorhome is a big decision during your holiday preparation. You should have an idea of what you want and need in terms of comfort on the road. There are things you should know or at least consider before making a choice. They are:

  • How big is your budget?
  • Asses your driving skills. Know what size of a vehicle you are able to drive.
  • Interior layout preferences, decide what is crucial for you, a massive bed but a tiny kitchen, or the other way around?

Once you have answers to all these crucial questions, you are more than ready to decide which motorhome will suit you best. Also, another great tip is to look for used motorhomes first. They are less expensive and still have a lot to offer.

Before you leave

The right preparations before a motorhome trip throughout the UK are essential for a stress-free holiday. Firstly and most importantly do proper research. Don’t start your motorhome journey without a clue on what you are doing. Learn about the vehicle of your choosing, explore all its capabilities. Secondly, do not take many people with you, the more space you have in your motorhome, the better. Make the trip unique and intimate, so you can properly enjoy it. If you are not sure what to take with you, look online for special motorhome essentials list, to cut your prep time. Also, think about getting your insurance in order. Make sure you have funds for road tax and that you are legally permitted to drive the vehicle.

How to find a parking place for your motorhome?

Where you stay will make a massive difference in the way you will remember your trip. The obvious choice might be camping sites, but they are usually crowded and loud. You won’t need campsite facilities and toilets often, so try to camp in the far distance from it. It would be best if you also avoided communal areas. You want to rest from people, not to hear them talking nonsense every few minutes. A perfect place to park your motorhome is a secluded, small and peaceful area, ideally with the nature surrounding you. This is where you want to rest. Check the rules of the site you choose to stay in, before you park. Some places can be very strict with the way they want to see your motorhome parked.

Unwritten rules of campsites

A campsite lives a life of its own. You are only a guest there, so what you need to do is adapt to the standards. There exists an unwritten rulebook of campsites, that once you know it, will make you more than ready to enter this jungle. Some of them are obvious, like do not litter around, but some might surprise you. You shouldn’t empty your wastewater on the pitch. Do not organize music concerts with your speakers; people are here to relax, not become deaf. Also, expect people to approach you for making small talk. Campers are a community, and you just became a part of it. Never block somebody’s access to a pitch, act like a friendly neighbour you would love to have. Lastly, do not run engines or generators if you can.

Most attractive UK motorhome destinations

Finally, let’s talk about places you can and should visit during your motorhome journey. There is nothing more important than choosing a site that will ensure relaxation, great views and atmosphere. The United Kingdom offers many lovely places you can choose for your trip. Here are just a few you may consider.

  • A welsh island that is a motorhome paradise, Anglesey!
  • A combination of lively city life, breathtaking architecture and a seafront that is Brighton.
  • The entire region of Cornwall, a travelling paradise inside the UK.
  • An ancient coast of Dorset that you will never forget.

The United Kingdom has many travelling jewels in its crown, discover them one by one.

Travelling by a motorhome is the perfect way to spend a vacation. Peace and freedom that comes along; you will never forget how it feels. It might be a one-time thing or an annual tradition, but either way, you should do it. Explore the UK like never before, and create memories that will last you decades. See you on the road.

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