Where To Head To For Your Christmas Holidays In 2022

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Winter is coming, and now is the time to start planning your holiday getaway! With so many places to pick to enjoy your Christmas holidays in 2022, it can be difficult to choose. Be it by yourself or with family, you want to spend your Christmas holiday having fun and enjoying yourself.

There are many places to visit to enjoy the snow in December, and many of them are in Europe. With a ton of variety from mountains, festive markets, winter sports, and sleigh rides, there is bound to be something for everyone. There are a ton of other places outside of Europe as for your Christmas holidays in 2022. Here are a few suggestions.

Best places to spend your Christmas in Europe

Zakopane – Poland 

Zakopane is a magical place to visit for your winter getaway. Located at the base of the Tatra Mountains, there are a lot of breathtaking vistas and sights that will keep you captivated for your entire day.

It’s not all just beautiful sights, as there is plenty to do in Zakopane, especially for the kids. There are many places that offer the opportunity to try out skiing as well as snowboarding. You can also ride a toboggan or even swim in the middle of winter at the Chocholow Thermal Baths.

If you’re feeling hungry, you can take the funicular to the city centre to taste the amazing local dishes to unwind before heading back to your accommodation. For accommodation, we highly suggest that you book an Airbnb in the centre of the city to fully soak in the sights and sounds. 

Rovaniemi – Finland

Ever want to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus? Rovaniemi, known as the official town of Santa Claus, is a town themed all around Santa Claus. From reindeer and huskies to snow, the town of Rovaniemi is a truly idyllic Christmas wonderland. Stay at the Santa Claus Holiday Village which boasts hundreds of little houses for accommodation, with restaurants right around the area, a reindeer-pulled sleigh, and a husky park. You can book excursions on husky and reindeer rides, as well as go ice fishing, warm up in a sauna, ride a snowmobile or go for a ski. The arctic circle can also be seen in the village, which makes for a great photo op to remember forever. 

St. Petersburg – Russia

The cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg is a city with beautiful buildings at every corner and historical monuments that will leave your jaw open. There are so many historically significant cultural sights and museums that your eyes will never have a break. Escape the Russian chill and visit the Mariinsky Theatre, the Hermitage Museum, and the Winter Palace which holds one of the world’s biggest collections of historical artefacts and items.

Enjoy the Spiced Glintwein and troika rides and the snow-covered onion domes of St. Basils Cathedral.

Paris – France

Paris is one of the most beautiful capitals in not just Europe, but the entire world. Tourists from all over the world flock over to the city to witness its various attractions like the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. It only gets more beautiful in the winter, as the snow acts as a backdrop against all the beautiful sights. During winter, the Christmas Markets give you the opportunity to sample all the local delicacies and cuisine. Visit Vendome Square and Montmartre to take in the Christmas lights and gorgeous Christmas trees. You can even ice skate on the Eiffel Tower or under the glass cupola of the Grand Palais. You can even visit Disneyland Paris and the French Alps. 

Best places to spend your Christmas in North America

Big White – Canada

Big White, located in the Okanagan Valley British Columbia Canada, is a great option to spend your Christmas holiday outside of Europe. Renowned for its downhill ski resort, there are plenty of other activities you can do while you’re there as well!

The outdoor skating rink at Big White is the highest in Canada, and you can do other activities such as tube riding, ice climbing snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. You can even ski with Santa as part of their special events during the Christmas holidays. There are plenty of activities for the family to do together and have fun. You can even sip some hot chocolate while on horse-drawn sleigh!

Best places to spend your Christmas in Asia

Srinagar – India

Srinagar is one of the most beautiful places in all of India and has the monicker of ‘Paradise on Earth’. The snow-capped mountains are an amazing backdrop while you enjoy the other activities in Srinagar. From the shikara ride at Dal Lake, exploring the floating markets, or taking the Gondola ride of Gulmarg, there’s plenty to do. The St. Mary’s Church, standing at 110 years old, hosts a special prayer. Snow is believed to be a good omen, with many flocking to the church to attend the prayer. 


There are plenty of other places that you can visit for your winter holidays, but each of these entries gives a unique experience that is unlike any other. You’ll definitely be able to make some amazing, unforgettable memories at these destinations, and will be something you will cherish for years to come.

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