The Top 9 Holiday Destinations For This Winter

Holidays during the wintertime in Europe is controversial, to say the least. Some of us are always on the lookout to escape the cold weather and find a tropical get-away, whilst many of us indulge in the cosy and festive opportunities that a brisk winter can provide. This article will satisfy both needs – finding the all-round best places to be this winter.

Spain, Barcelona

Although venturing below the equator will land you in the summer season, Spain still has warm weather in the summer months. Family holiday rentals in Barcelona can be a fantastic way to visit the city. Barcelona has a bunch of Gothic architecture that can really bring about an incredible mood in the winter months. There’s also a lot more culture to be seen than a classic beach holiday (but it does have great beaches). For a good price, you can find yourself in the midst of Barcelona and its cultured and world-famous monuments – all with a spacious apartment. Lugaris can accommodate both family apartments and luxury apartments to escape the city buzz.

Berlin, Germany

As Christmas approaches, festive spirits are high and there is nowhere better to be than Berlin. German Christmas markets are phenomenal, with an incredible spirit and many things to buy. Berlin is also rife in history and culture that is great to explore – just be sure to bring your winter coat! German bars are a very cosy place to be during the winter, and this is a great way to be on holiday yet still feel at home during Christmas.


Next up on this list of holiday destinations for this winter is all about getting some sun. Barbados is hot all-year-round. Taking the leap for a 12-hour flight (when coming from Europe) will take you to a paradise; a paradise that even in the wintertime will be 30 degrees consistently. Barbados has incredible beaches and, because it’s an island, there are many other tropical islands to visit nearby.

Sydney, Australia

Going down under in the winter means you’re passing the equator and that Europe’s winter, is Australia’s summer. This can be quite a shock, as Australia is hot even in its winter months. Get prepared for sizzling temperatures that will seduce you into the watersports life that dominates much of coastal Australia culture. There is also a European-vibe to the culture too regarding the people, and with the large amounts of tourists, you’re sure to have a laugh and meet great people.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is an incredible experience during the wintertime. Temperatures are cold (although, not as cold as you would expect), and the Northern Lights are on show. The best time to see these is just after Christmas (February to March). There are also many other crazy world wonders, with hots spring lakes and lagoons around Reykjavik, just to name a few. Be aware though, that Iceland can often have only a few hours of daylight in the depths of its winters, so be prepared to explore the country in the dark.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the ultimate city break. It’s cheap, it has a bunch of culture and history, and it has an incredible architecture that makes it perfect for the winter mood. The city is quaint and cosy and has many walking tours to explore the Old Town. It’s also a great place to be for Christmas, with many lovely Christmas markets in the square, as well as a lot of Gothic architecture that shares similarities to Barcelona.

Sölden, Austria

Austria is the clear and obvious choice for a winter holiday if you love skiing. Sölden, in particular, has many great mountains to ski down, along with some mind-blowing glacier walks. Austria is a little bit similar to Berlin when you’re not there to ski because you can enjoy its cosy architecture and festive mood.

Cape Town, South Africa

In the context of crossing the equator to reach the summer season during December and January, South Africa is a close choice, although it will still be long-haul. However, you will be rewarded with a rugged coastal city with a very distinct culture. There is a lot of luxury to indulge in at Cape Town, along with some incredible safari experiences. You can enjoy great weather over Christmas time, as well as enjoy the beautiful beaches and water sports.

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Last up on this list of holiday destinations for this winter is the Canary Islands which are a popular choice among sun-seeking Brits. It remains an optimistic 20°C whilst Northern Europe is covered in snow – all with around a 4-hour flight. This is perhaps the closest tropical get-away you can find, and it really doesn’t disappoint. Gran Canaria, in particular, is a luxurious and calm holiday destination – perfect for all ages. It might be worth hopping next door to Tenerife if you’re looking for an active holiday, or Lanzarote if you’re looking to surf, though.

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