Lucha Libre Mexico City – How to Buy Tickets, Drinks, and Enjoy the Show!

I was looking forward to a lot of things before my first visit to Mexico City. The tacos, tequila, museums, and more tacos were high on my list however Lucha Libre in Mexico City was tops. Thankfully, my time experiencing what Lucha Libre Mexico City is all about did not disappoint.

What is Lucha Libre?

Lucha Libre Mexico City - How to Buy Tickets, Drinks, and Enjoy the Show

Lucha Libre is Mexican wrestling with some unique flair and twists. First and foremost, Luchadors wear masks to hide their true identity. This plays well into the soap opera style of a show that follows. A standard theme is the attempt to unmask a wrestler. This is a big deal as, once a luchador has been unmasked, there is no going back.

Secondly, Lucha Libre includes some high flying aerobatics. The whole event is incredibly entertaining and you don’t need to know Spanish to understand what is going on. That said, knowing some curse words make the experience a little better. Cheer on the Técnicos or the Rudos (essentially good vs bad guys/gals) and join in on the fun.

A typical match plays out with the Rudos winning in some form of cheating while the ref is preoccupied, only to have the Técnicos, those that follow the rules more or less, come back in heroic fashion. That said, on my Lucha Libre Mexico City experience, the Rudos stole the show and won every match.

Where Can You Watch Lucha Libre in Mexico City?

Lucha Libre matches take place in a couple of venues around Mexico City. Arena México in the Colonia Doctores neighbourhood your best bet as it is new(er) and the largest venue. Shows run Tuesday at 07:30 pm, Friday at 08:30 pm, and Sunday at 05:00 pm.

Arena Coliseo is another option and runs shows on Saturdays. The arena is 80+ years old and small. It’s located in the Cuauhtémoc neighbourhood and is considered a little rough so keep this in mind if you go to a show here. That said, those that go a little off the beaten path are rewarded with a more intimate experience and can get photos with the wrestlers.

How Do You Buy Lucha Libre Mexico City Tickets?

Lucha Libre Mexico City - How to Buy Tickets, Drinks, and Enjoy the Show

I was lucky enough to be going a Lucha Libre performance with some locals. This, no doubt, makes getting tickets easier. Still, getting tickets looks pretty straight forward. There is a map with seats based on price. Let the ticket agent know which area and how many tickets you would like. If they are sold out of the area you want, they will let you know.

Lucha Libre Mexico City - How to Buy Tickets, Drinks, and Enjoy the Show

You can get tickets in advance on however it may not be necessary if going to a Tuesday match. We went on a Friday and, although definitely busy, there were plenty of empty seats in the house.

Lucha Libre Mexico City Tour

If the hassle of getting tickets and navigating the arena on your own seems daunting, or if you just want to meet some new friends, I highly recommend taking a tour! Urban Adventures offers a great night out that includes Lucha Libre, street eats, tequilas, and mariachi bands!

Lucha Libre Mexico City – Drinks and Snacks

Watching Luch Libre isn’t complete unless you have a massive beer in hand. If you want to take that to the next level, I highly recommend the Chamoychelada!

Being Canadian, I love a good Caeser. For those that don’t know what that is, think Bloody Mary with Clamato, a tomato and clam juice drink. Mexico mixes Clamato and beer with spices and calls it a Michelada…or Chilada depending on who you ask.

Throughout my week in Mexico City, I was trying to nail down the differences between a Michelada and Chilada. Some places serve it with or without clamato. I eventually ended on Cubana or asking for “con Clamato” to be safe. Just when I thought I had it down, Lucha Libre Mexico City blew this away.

Lucha Libre Mexico City - How to Buy Tickets, Drinks, and Enjoy the Show

Enter the Chamoychelada – beer, clamato, lime, spices, and a super sticky rimmer made from Chamoy. The latter is sweet and bitter. Think tamarind candy with booze!

For these monster drinks, you need to head to the concourse. Otherwise, vendors are on hand to deliver beer and snacks to your seat. Drinks range from 40 – 100 pesos depending on size. Snacks are limited but do include chips and popcorn with hot sauce. If you are hungry, I suggest grabbing some street tacos out front before the match starts.

Lucha Libre Mexico City – Tips!

Lucha Libre Mexico City - How to Buy Tickets, Drinks, and Enjoy the Show

To make your experience as much fun as possible, here are a few tips:

  1. Leave your camera at home. They are not allowed…thus the grainy cell phone pics in this post!
  2. If you get seats close to the stage, be prepared to be part of the show!
  3. If you are shy, don’t get seats too far back!
  4. The show is family-friendly although there is plenty of scantily clad women and swearing in Spanish.
  5. That said, chant along!
  6. Bring cash for drinks and food.
  7. Enjoy the show!

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Lucha Libre Mexico City - How to Buy Tickets, Drinks, and Enjoy the Show

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