A Whirlwind Day in Windhoek – Touring Namibia’s Capital

A Whirlwind Day in Windhoek - Touring Namibia's Capital 2

Visiting Namibia was never the plan. To be honest it was a place I knew nothing about yet it kept coming up as a must-see destination. While living in Cape Town this neighbour to the north was now on my radar and a chance meeting with the managing director of Legacy Hotels while on my Rovos Rail journey sealed my fate – I was going to Namibia, even if it was a short visit. This included a whirlwind day in Windhoek.

Getting in

Flights to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, are frequent with direct connections to Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Frankfurt to name a few. We arrived at the Hosea Kutako International Airport and were promptly picked up by a Legacy Hotel arranged tour guide. With little time in town we headed out for a day in Windhoek tour.


Note: the international airport is 40 km out of town which made for a a shortened day in Windhoek for us.

Touring the Capital

Located in the middle of Namibia at the country’s highest point is Windhoek. The relatively small capital, Windhoek is a charming town with much to see. Our day in Windhoek started at the Christ Church. This famous cathedral is the country’s oldest and a popular stop with the German tourists as it was constructed while Namibia was still a German colony.

A day in Windhoek – first stop.

Located just next door to Christ Church is the massive National Museum of Namibia. There you will find several floors depicting Namibia’s struggle for independence.  I found the rooms open and cold with massive murals and little explanation.

A day in Windhoek at the National Museum

Perhaps the time a day or day of the week but this museum was dead and confusing to wander on our own. There was even one room with 2 stories of panoramic murals completely in the dark and no light switches to be found. We were able to piece together some of the countries tattered history before getting a wonderful view of the city from the observation deck.

A Day in Windhoek’s Downtown

Our day in Windhoek tour concluded with a drive through town. There we found a clean, small, and modern core. Name-brand shops line the streets (including a Beaver Canoe?) and busy people could be seen heading to work. We passed a small market where local Himba Women, known for their beautiful use of red clay in their hair, were selling goods. As I didn’t feel comfortable snapping a picture of these naked women while in my day in Windhoek tour I will share someone else’s:


After passing by the historic train station and the Windhoek Brewery (sadly no time to sample on this day in Windhoek tour) we made our way back to the airport to collect a rental car. Although our day in Windhoek was short we were satisfied with what we covered. Besides, everyone that we talked to about touring Windhoek said the real beauty of it is getting out of town – which is exactly what we were doing next.

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lhr-300x300Although I was provided a complimentary tour thanks to Legacy Hotels,
the experience, opinions, and short day in Windhoek are my own.

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