Home coming

I’m gonna throw a plug in here, Westjet is great. My flight was early and I hadn’t sleep much so I figured I would nap on the plane. I was so comfortable I ended up reading, catching up on the scores via satellite TV and writing my Manifesto for a better Shaun, which I will explain later. It was a great flight even though it was my last of my trip.

I arrived in Edmonton and it was cold. Not a good start. Jon was nice enough to pick me up and take me home…that’s funny to say, home. My tenant, Bev, was awesome and took care of everything. I really lucked out having her there. It was odd being home and more so cause it was like I was moving in again. It was possibly the best move ever as no furniture was involved and all I had to do was move stuff from a storage room to my bedroom. Still have lots to do between Mike(my new/old roommate) and I.

That night I went out with some friends to catch up and watch the Oil play. I had hit the wall for probably the 10th time as the Oilers were losing 4-1 going into the third. A few friends went home which is too bad cause Edmonton came back to win 6-4 thanks to a hat trick by Ryan smyth, which he did in 2:01. It was a great game and was great to see old friends.

Back to work Monday…crap.

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