Foggy London Town 1

Foggy London Town

So who goes to London for the weekend? The Robertson brothers…and possibly Paris Hilton. You would think That traveling that far for such a short period would be tiresome and some what pointless but surprisingly we packed a lot into our 48 hours. With the time difference and lack of sleep it felt much longer than 2 days.

We arrived at our hostel in Greenwich in the early afternoon on Friday. A short power nap and then we were off to explorer. After dinner at a pub we headed into town in search of some live music. Thanks to the advice form a lady at the “Spread Eagle pub”, we ended up at a punk bar. The first act was a comedian that was funny in a very crude way. Without going into detail, one of his funniest songs was about pleasuring one self over a picture of an ex-girlfriend…who is dead.

Anyway, the second act was terrible. Half way through there first song, “Im in heaven with my AK-47” we were off.

The next day we were up early and out of the hostel by 9:00 am. We took a walk over London bridge then along the river Thames past the Tower of London then to Tower bridge. After touring that we made our way to the London Eye which is basically a very modern looking Ferris wheel. There was a large “que” for tickets so Scott questioned weather it was worth the wait. We stuck it out (primarily because I saw the London Eye on a Bond film) and it was great. You get an excellent view of the city and its major attractions. I must have said “there’s Big Ben kids” a hundred times.

After the ride we walked by Big Ben and parliament, through St.James park and up to Buckingham Palace. There we saw what Ithought was the coolest sight in London. No, not the Queen jazzersising, a monument to Canada for the support during the world wars. It is a very nice piece, a fountain with maple leafs in the design and a walkway through the middle. It was neat to see real leafs falling on to the sculpture.

Feeling quite peckish, we made our way to Brick lane and its endless line of Indian restaurants. After some tasty curry we headed back to our hostel. feeling satisfied with London we toyed with the idea of going to Amsterdam for the night but it wasn’t going to be cheap so we settled for another night out in London. A few American girls checked in to our room so we headed out with them. We met up with some of there friends then headed to a club on Brick Lane. After a few rounds and a couple shots I started to have a great time. I went to buy another round and then was told that the bar was closed. Abruptly the music stopped and the lights came on. WTF? Apparently London bars shutdown at 1:00.

After hunting down some after hours eats that was not curry, we walked, and walked, and walked some more in search of our night bus. 3 hours later we arrived back at our hostel.

The next morning was, again, rough. the weather had gone from +14, sunny and beautiful to +5, rainy and miserable. Good thing we were leaving. Another couple hours in a first class lounge and we were back on a plane heading home. I slept so good. I arrived home around 6:00 Edmonton time which seemed very odd. It felt like it should have been Wednesday. Overall, it felt like a very satisfying 48 hours (minus the early last call) This trip really did make the world smaller…just what I wanted.

That night I thought I would read before bed. I think I read one sentence. I woke up at 8:00 am then next day with my face in my book and the light still on.

Foggy London Town indeed.

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