48 Hours in Athens

48 Hours in Athens 4

Don’t think to hard Jon

48 Hours in Athens

In a city that has a metropolitan area population of 3.7 million, Jon’s parents happened to book a hotel a block from our hostel. Crazy. So that worked out well. We spent a great 48 Hours in Athens visiting the ruins of, drinking bad wine, and eating gyro’s (tasty doner like pitas with taziki…see fat Shaun soon). The Acropolis was very cool as it looms over the city. Got some good pictures and will post soon. We also hiked up the tallest hill in Athens for an amazing 360 view of the city. The hike was not intentional as my guide book said there was a gondola. Not the case. It was also laundry day so I was wearing jeans. (see fat sweaty Shaun soon)Today I am just waiting to go to the airport for a flight to Stockholm. It just happens that today, all the bus’s and metro trains are out of service for 24 hours because of a strike. What would have cost 1 euro will cost 35 euro in cab fare. That’s my luck I guess.

Sunset over the Roman Agora



I will post pictures in Sweden or Norway….if it is not really expensive for internet. (UPDATE: HOSTEL I AM STAYING AT HAS FREE INTERNET SO…)


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