Why you Should Visit Cairo Now

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Note: I wrote this article BEFORE the tragic bombing of the Russian Metrojet airliner. That said, I still stand by this post on visiting Cairo.

Why you Should Visit Cairo Now

I hate it when I let other people’s fears and perceptions interfere with my travel plans. Ever since I let a few people’s experiences ruin Rio’s Copacabana for me I have tried very hard to squash others opinions about less (perceived) desirable places. It was hard to ignore views on a visit to Cairo now with the media playing up recent terrorist movements and my own government’s strong suggestions to avoid all nonessential travel. How could they not? With plans already in motion and a kick ass reward ticket booked, I was torn.

Was it safe to visit Cairo?


After consulting some fellow travel bloggers that have recently visited the area they ensured me that it is indeed safe to visit Cairo now, but I didn’t need a lot of time to do it. With that I change my plans slightly to make my stay in Cairo just a layover.

This visit turned out to be an awesome one and made me realize that it is a great time to visit Cairo now. Here’s why:

Joe Tourist is Scared

The first reason you should visit Cairo now is the obvious fact that tourist numbers are way down. I had envisioned massive crowd, long lineups, and tourist traps. I found none of these. Just small crowds and a few ancient piles of rocks. The medias portrayal of Egypt has an upside if you want to have the city to yourself (and X million locals)


Egypt Needs You

Tourism in Egypt is the country’s second biggest money maker. With visitors scared to visit means a significant drop in revenue. A visit to Cairo now means a lot to those in the industry. As our Blue Sky tour guide said, Egypt is now one of the safest destinations in the middle east, yet the tourists aren’t returning. If you visit Cairo now you are helping to turn this industry around. The trickle effect will help many locals too.


Flights are Cheap

With the downturn in tourism comes cheaper flights. Discount airlines like Easy Jet can get you to Cairo for cheap from Europe. EgyptAir can get you to visit Cairo now from major hubs in North America. Also, as I found with my 9 business class flights for 90K Aeroplan points, EgyptAir, whom I flew business class with, does not charge taxes or fees when redeeming the reward tickets. This can make already cheap tickets that much cheaper.


Stay Safe

Like any country, know what areas to visit and where to avoid. There are many reputable tour companies available to share Cairo with you. Many will arrange airport transfers making a layover safe and super easy.

What say you?
Thoughts on why you should Visit Cairo Now?
Let’s hear it!

For more reviews from Egypt and beyond see HERE.

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