1 day in Liechtenstein


Liechtenstein. The tiny nation sandwich between Austria and Switzerland was my 45th country visited, all because I’ve never been there before. What began as just another stamp to add to my passport quickly became my favourite tiny country in Europe, all with only 1 day in Liechtenstein to spend. Here’s why:

Easy access

After spending 3 amazing days in San Sebastian I was on my way to my next press trip in the Czech Republic when the idea of spending 1 day in Liechtenstein came up. Although there is no international airport in Liechtenstein, a cheap flight to Zürich and a one hour scenic car ride is all it took to get into this small country. Also, no border lines or passport checks. What a country!

See all the Things

The capital of the Vaduz is very compact and very charming. We parked the rental car near the town hall and explored on foot. From there we wandered up to Mitteldorf for some photos of the old neighbourhood, a visit to The Red House, and to gaze at the towering Vaduz Castle.

After a self-guided walking tour our 1 day in Liechtenstein continued with a refreshing (but expensive) beer (paired with currywurst!) on the towns walking street before hopping on the city trolley. This lazy city tour takes you through the heart of Vaduz, past The Prince of Liechtenstein Winery, and through Mitteldorf – explaining all the highlights along the way.

1 day Lichtenstein eats and drinks

After our train fun we made our way to The Prince of Liechtenstein Winery. It’s not everyday you get to sample royal wine so we made the most of our 1 day in Liechtenstein and indulged in a bottle or two.


From there we found a local restaurant that was serving schnitzel and Käsknöpfle, the national dish. This mix of cheesy macaroni, apple sauce, and crispy fried onions was a pretty filling feast.

And it’s amazing.

Touring the Countryside

After dinner we took a sunset stroll through the country, which literally took 20 minutes. Still, we saw some beautiful scenery and castles which capped off our 1 day in Liechtenstein nicely.

Just Enough

What started as a stamp collection quickly turned into a fun 1 day in Liechtenstein trip. It proved to be just enough as we saw the local sites and drank and ate the local delicacies.

And what of the passport stamp? Even though there are no guards at the borders to stamp your passport, for €3 you can get your book stamped at a tourist office.

Best €3 spent ever.

What say you?
Thoughts on this 1 day in Liechtenstein tour?
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  1. Avatarsays: Aditi Kaushiva

    Thinking about visiting next weekend. Contesting between Vaduz and another place 🙂
    Great captures! You sure did make most of your 1 day!

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