This Life in Trips 2020 – Looking Back and Ahead

Happy 2020 all! Just like every year, I am better-late-than-never on my forecasted travel plans and updates for this site. This is 100% therapeutic to me and helps me justify the ridiculous amount of time I put into so please allow me to appease myself in this update. This is my Life in Trips 2020!

Life in Trips 2020 – Looking Back

I had big plans for my site in 2019. I wanted to shift away from what optically appeared as a full-time travel site to accurately reflect my real-world situation. Since I have not been travelling full time since 2016, I wanted to focus on part-time travel. You know, share tips and secrets on how to do it. After all, since 2016, I have still squeezed in plenty of amazing trips.

This plan was aligned with an expected promotion at my day job. Things did not go as plan and had me, in a sense, scrambling to deal with change. In all honesty, its been months and I am still trying to sort this out. Till I do, I have some trips to focus on as well as a potential distraction and side project. More on that below.

2019 wasn’t all high hopes and shattered dreams. I had an incredible time rediscovering two of my favourite places, Osaka and Kyoto. Getting back to Japan is never a bad thing!

Then there was a great trip to Mexico City, which I am only starting to share now on my site. My initial plan for this trip was to clear my head and figure out what’s next. Instead, I ate all the tacos.

These trips are well-documented on the blog. My time in Toronto and Chicago, are not. I hope to get some content out soon on those great trips.

Speaking of what’s coming up with This Life in Trips 2020…

Life in Trips 2020 – Looking Ahead

This Life in Trips 2020 - Looking Back and Ahead


In February, I am going to tick a couple of personal sports items off my list;

  1. See the Edmonton Oilers play in Vegas and…
  2. Catch a Toronto Raptors game in their championship defending season.

I have nothing planned promotional wise and may just end up being a vacation. Vegas is covered to death although I would love to go back to the Neon Boneyard and update my post on it. In case you missed that, or have never heard of it, it is well worth a visit!

Stepping Back in Time with a Visit to The Neon Boneyard 6


This Life in Trips 2020 - Looking Back and Ahead

Back in 2011, I helped chaperone a group of teenagers on a trip to Europe. It was hilarious in a lot of ways and was super interesting to see high school drama play out as an adult. In April I will be helping out again, this time on a trip to Costa Rica!

I expect this trip (knocks on wood…) to be much more laid back and nowhere near as hectic as herding children through the Paris metro system, but I could be wrong. Either way, I am excited about the experience and can’t wait to check out country #74 on my list!

Life in Trips 2020 – RTW!

The biggest trip of the year (and decade) for me is happening in May. Shortly after a milestone birthday, I am heading out on an epic Aeroplan booking that will get me to 5 different continents with stops in San Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Turkey, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, UAE, Oman, Thailand, and Taiwan.

This Life in Trips 2020 - Looking Back and Ahead

I have been putting off planning anything beyond the flights and need to get on that soon. This trip will drive a lot of my content for the rest of the year so time to start planning!

For the full details, check out the full rundown on how I booked it and where I am going.

The Rest

Beyond that, the backend of my year is wide open. There was talk of going to Europe, specifically Ukraine, Greece, and Portugal, but that might be pushed off to next year. If that’s the case I may just have time to work on a new project, a blog and/or YouTube channel dedicated to Electric Vehicles. Why? Well…

I Bought A Tesla!

Not to get ahead of myself, but I put down a deposit on the upcoming Model Y. This is the small SUV version of the Model 3. It’s still to be determined if I go through with it, as they are not cheap, but the fact remains that I do need a new vehicle and I want that vehicle to be electric.

This got me thinking about documenting my experience with the potential to expand on it through a dedicated blog or YouTube channel. I had this plan month ago (when I went to Mexico City) and have noticed someone who is doing exactly this and getting 50K+ views for simply documenting the differences between the Model 3 and the Model Y.

That all said, this will take some significant time, something I struggle to find. I have great intentions for and constantly find myself playing catch up so probably not the best idea to add another site/job. At the very least, if I go through with the purchase, I will be doing some awesome road trips and sharing on this site.

Till Then!

Speaking of catch up, the last couple of posts on my time in Mexico City are in the works. Look for posts on Lucha Libre and a full break down of what to see, do and eat in Mexico City. Beyond that, I have some very old content that I will be finishing up and sharing along with a post on how I was able to clean out my Aeroplan account, and in less than 3 months, refresh the balance beyond what I used.

That all said, where are you going in 2020 and beyond?? Let me know in the comments below!

What say you?
Thoughts on My Life in Trips 2020 plan?
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