Gulf Air A320neo Business Class Review – Abu Dhabi to Manama

My trip of firsts continues with this Gulf Air A320neo business class review. I have yet to fly with Gulf Air and have not flown in an A320neo before so it truly was a flight of firsts. Thanks to the unique hospitality, it was a memorable trip.


My Gulf Air A320neo business class review began with a connection in Abu Dhabi. I had just flown Etihad’s brand new A350-1000 and was connecting on to Bahrain. Check-in for this flight was done in Istanbul and I only had to clear security in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Lounge

After security, I made my way to the Abu Dhabi lounge in terminal one. It was the only lounge open as the Plaza Premium Lounge has been shut down since the pandemic started. This is too bad as the Abu Dhabi lounge is just OK. It’s a contracted lounge and was very busy with mediocre food. They were serving alcohol during Ramadan which was nice and the bartender was very friendly and happy to make me a couple of gin and tonics before continuing on.

For my full review of the Abu Dhabi lounge, check out this post.

Gulf Air A320neo Business Class Seats

Seats on the Gulf Air A320neo are in a 2–2 configuration. They are brand-new and quite stylish.

Gulf Air A320neo Business Class Review - Abu Dhabi to Manama

Seats are wide with controls for reclining as well as a footrest that pops out. In the middle is the entertainment system controls and below that is a 110v power plug and, for some reason, multiple USB charging ports.

Gulf Air A320neo Business Class Entertainment

The entertainment system has a very responsive touchscreen remote. Bringing up the movies and television shows I found that most content is in Arabic which makes sense given the location. There are a bunch of French titles and, 500 days of Summer, for some reason. Interesting note, there was over a minute of ads before a selected show played. Noise-cancelling headphones are provided/

Gulf Air A320neo Business Class Service and Amenities

Service on my Gulf Air A320neo flight was tops. Upon boarding, I was offered a hot or cold towel followed by a delicious lime and mint drink. Shortly after that, Arabic coffee and dates were served. There was no amenities kit on this short flight.

Gulf Air A320neo Business Class Food and Drink

The flight was less than an hour so a light stack of pinwheel sandwiches was offered. There was no alcohol served as I was travelling during Ramadan. Most interestingly, before arrival, rosewater was offered. This was a nice and unique gesture and embraced the region’s culture.


Even though my flight with Gulf Air was a short one, their attention to detail and high standard of service really showed. I would be happy to fly Gulf Air on a longer flight and look forward to trying out their 787 Dreamliner down the line.

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Gulf Air A320neo business class

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